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Kitchen Design Trends In 2020

Are you planning to redesign your kitchen this year? Learn more about the International Kitchen Design Trends in 2020 as recommended by our Modiani Kitchen Design Team, and be inspired for your own, or your clients’, kitchen redesign projects.


Kitchen Cabinet Designs In 2020

Our Senior Kitchen Designer and Co-Owner at Modiani Kitchens, Kobi Aharon, likes to be one step ahead in terms of the latest kitchen design trends, kitchen models and materials. In order to anticipate international kitchen trends, it is necessary to have a creative mindset, stay up to date with the latest kitchen innovations, as well as to take an active part and approach with regards to the innovation management, research and development processes involved. Our design team at Modiani Kitchens has over 20 years’ experience with European modern high-end kitchen design, and can hence give you top advice and suggest design considerations that you may not have thought of yourself for your 2020 kitchen renovation.

Cesar Williamsburg, Intarsio & The 50’s Modern Kitchen


Daring Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Have you ever considered including some strong, prominent cabinet colors in your kitchen space? While classic white and black kitchen cabinets, and especially the playful combination of both, have been popular kitchen colors in 2019, we can see a tendency to the inclusion of intense color spots in 2020 kitchen designs. Rather than to choose just one color for the kitchen cabinets, the trend in 2020 is to choose one or several elements, like the kitchen island, kitchen wall cabinets or base cabinets in daring colors, like dark red, bright yellow, green or navy blue. In 2020, there is no limitation in terms of which color to choose for your kitchen, as long as it is being combined with classic kitchen cabinet finishes and materials, like dark oak wood, trendy black Fenix laminate, classic white glass or a neutral glass cabinet finish.


Minimalistic Kitchen Design

Another trend we can observe in 2020, is the tendency to minimalistic, sleek modern kitchen cabinet design. The idea behind this trend is to allow the kitchen area enough space to breathe and unfold. It is up to you to decide whether to choose minimalistic kitchen design elements throughout the whole interior space, or just for certain elements, like the kitchen island or the shelving systems. You could hence decide to integrate a kitchen island into your space that sacrifices the storage space in favor of a focus on the high-end kitchen floor, or the ability to “see through” the island by only including the most necessary kitchen design elements, like the kitchen island legs and kitchen countertop with integrated sink and/or cooktop. Another modern kitchen design trend in 2020 is to include a wooden kitchen backsplash instead of wall kitchen cabinets. Our Cesar Williamsburg, Intarsio and the 50’s kitchen model is a beautiful example of such a kitchen design. This is something that can especially be considered for large kitchen spaces, which allows for the incorporation of storage space at different locations within your kitchen.

Cesar N_Elle Kitchen Fenix Laminate


Kitchens Most Popular Home Renovations

With a new year upon us, many are looking ahead to new home renovation projects. And guess what, the popular home renovation projects in New Jersey in 2019 were kitchen renovation and redesign projects. According to the experts, 2020 will be no different. Kitchen remodeling remains the number one project on most homeowners lists, and the kitchen design process is to be well prepared. Sure, it’s nice to get new appliances and a new kitchen layout, but what we’re really all after is a beautiful new appearance by considering the latest kitchen design trends of 2020 for our most treasured space within our home. As so many people embrace kitchen remodeling in the home, several trends are emerging. Below are some details on the major trends that are present in kitchen remodeling today.

Cesar Maxima Kitchen


Innovative Wall Shelving

In 2020, the differentiation between the kitchen and living room space becomes smaller and smaller. Increasingly, modern kitchens become part of a so-called “open kitchen concept” that foregoes walls to create one coherent, open and modern interior space. You can hence design wide, welcoming spaces with freestanding kitchen cabinet elements in combination with innovative, easily accessible kitchen shelving solutions. Such kitchen and living room shelves can either have the same or a similar design as your kitchen, or create a strong contrast to your modern kitchen design, thus generating even more attention and buzz. Our kitchen shelves at Modiani Kitchens are highly customizable, and usually manufactured and imported from Italy, Europe. They can consider different shapes, shelving legs, a variety of wall unit elements, and may include transparent, half-transparent or fabric-integrated glass and cabinet door finishes.


2020 Kitchen Materials & Styles

Though there was a time when the style was to keep everything in a room very coordinated, luxury kitchen designers in 2020 are now playing with a mix of materials and styles to create depth of appearance in a space. Mixed kitchen materials create an inviting appeal, keeping the kitchen at the forefront of spaces that family members desire to be in. Modern kitchen design has never been as popular as it is at the present. Therefore, many kitchen material and design trends are emerging within the realm of contemporary kitchen design. From cabinetry to finishes and everything in between, below are some of the trends that are making a splash in current contemporary design. Over the years, trends in kitchen remodeling have grown and advanced. Many high-end kitchen designers and homeowners are now drawn toward a textured look across the kitchen space, blending modern fixtures and personalized styles. Below is some information on specific trends within different areas of the kitchen.

Colored Kitchens by Cesar NJ


Dark And Bold Kitchen Colors

So, is re-designing your kitchen on your list for 2020? If so, check out these hot trends hitting the kitchen design world this coming year, so that you can get cooking with your dream kitchen ideas. Whether you are concerned about the colors to choose, the style of kitchen cabinets, or design elements, like the countertop or backsplash, continue reading this blog post to find out what’s most trending in kitchen design this year. Former trends in kitchens have involved infusing most surfaces within the space with white or other light colors to drive home brightness. True, diffusing natural light is a major goal of most kitchen designs. However, current trends have big, bold colors being brought into the kitchen, particularly modern kitchen spaces, covering up the classic bright whites of yesteryear. Splashes of cobalt blue, deep red, and forest green are being brought into kitchen design via accent walls, design elements, kitchen cabinetry, tiles, and more.


Classic White Kitchen Cabinets

Is white totally out for kitchens? Not at all. White still plays an important role in high-end kitchens in 2020, not only in kitchen cabinetry, but also on selected walls, depending on the kitchen space. Splashes of color are finding their way to walls via colored wall, base or tall cabinets, and onto countertop surfaces by way of plates and other design elements like vases and flowers. So white may still stick around for high-end kitchens (it’s a classic, after all), but as a complement to the big bolds that are being brought in by way of paint and design. Kitchen cabinetry is seen as one of the most defining characteristics in a kitchen because it takes up most of the physical and visual space within the room. In recent years, natural white wood cabinetry has seen a decline in popularity, where darker finishes – even black – have seen an increase.

Noa Kitchen By Cesar In White


Trends In Kitchen Countertops

Sticking with the dark and bold kitchen design trend above, dark coloring is finding its way to countertops as well. In fact, darker than dark: black! Black granite and quartz are becoming a very popular choice for kitchen countertops. Granite and quartz are both natural materials that offer a wide range of advantages, including durability and ease of upkeep. They have both long been a favorite for kitchens, but the ubiquity of black is hotter than hot this year. Dark colors like black, dark browns and dark grays on countertops work to complement nearly any color scheme, from stark whites to bits of big bold color as this year’s designs are trending.

Cesar Maxima Top Kitchen Island NJ


2020 Countertop Materials & Finishes

Kitchen countertops have shown evolution in recent years, with marble, soapstone, and travertine becoming most common over the old kitchen countertop standby, granite. Though they require more maintenance by way of sealing and cleaning, these new favorites have distinct coloring and toning that homeowners are very drawn to as of late. Wood countertops made of materials such as ironwood and rich walnut are also gaining steam, as you can see in our high-end kitchen portfolio. Similar to trends in cabinetry in contemporary design, countertops also are going monochromatic. Rather than traditional and speckled materials like granite, kitchen designers are instead drawn to light colored marble and Quartz countertops. In the instance that granite is utilized, it is flamed or honed rather than its traditional polished treatment. Countertops and islands are featuring stovetop ranges and sinks, and refrigeration units inside drawers are becoming increasingly popular as well.

Top Kitchen Countertop In Scarsdale NY By Modiani


Design Elements In Your Kitchen

What types of items are commonly displayed? Use and move around some of your below kitchen utensils, to see which ones may look nice being more visible or exposed than others. You will be surprised how many of your day-to-day kitchen items you can use as design elements, and don’t miss your guests reactions and facial expressions when seeing and admiring your newly gained decoration skills. Try experimenting with some of the below items, and see how you can arrange them beautifully, so they become part of your kitchen style and design. You can also ask our Modiani design team for some assistance with this final part of your kitchen design process.

  • Pots and Pans
  • Spice
  • Oils & Vinegars
  • Plates
  • Stemware
  • Dried Goods (rice, barley, etc.) in Jars
  • Glasses

Cesar UNIT Red Top With Accessories By Modiani Kitchens


Kitchen Cabinet Features & Handles

Finger pulls for kitchen drawers or cabinets are gaining steam, leaving decorative pulls behind. The visual achieved through this kitchen feature is a less cluttered, more streamlined look. Sleek lines and a modern appearance typically characterize contemporary Italian kitchen design, where kitchen cabinet handles can optionally be installed or left aside altogether. The cabinetry and finishes chosen hugely impacts this characterization. Contemporary kitchen design is often described as linear and almost always features sleek lines. Although vertical lines were once the norm, horizontal lines are now becoming more popular. This helps to promote the current trend of creating fluidity between the kitchen space and the rest of the home by visually extending the impact of the kitchen area. Read more about this topic in our online luxury kitchen blog. Meanwhile, accessories including kitchen handles for modern, traditional and transitional kitchen cabinets have also changed. Hardware has been minimized or gotten rid of all together. The Lazy Susan, a longtime favorite in kitchen cabinets, has gone by the wayside. In its place, storage racks that have been engineered to be as functional as possible now retract behind cabinets.

Cesar Kalea Italian Kitchen Units


Kitchen Island Trends

Although designers may be shying away from lighting design that draws all of the attention to the kitchen island, in 2020 they are becoming more and more attracted to the idea of a large multi-functional kitchen island. Today’s contemporary kitchen islands are large enough that they may serve as an eating space, a workspace, and sometimes even a cooking space. This allows for multiple family members to use the island at once and provides an alternative to the typical kitchen table.

Modern Italian Gray Kitchen Island Design In NJ


Kitchen Wall Waiter Design

Why hide away all that beautiful stemware and all of those beautiful vibrant Fiestaware plates? Current design trends in 2020 have homeowners putting their best and brightest shelving on display, infusing their kitchen space with their belongings as decorations. To make this trend possible, open air shelving is hitting walls in traditional, transitional and modern Italian kitchens everywhere. Shelves installed where closed kitchen cabinets would typically be found, open up a wide world of possibility when it comes to displaying your beautiful gadgets in your kitchen. When it comes to home improvement and kitchen remodeling projects, no room is more commonly worked on than the kitchen. As homeowners know, their new modern luxury kitchen including their wall shelving has an important place not only in the day-to-day life of the family but also for entertaining. Therefore, a beautiful and functional kitchen with plenty of storage and shelving is important to current and prospective homeowners alike.

Cesar Unit Black Kitchen Cupboard Wall Waiter


Custom Walk-In Closet Trends

And since more and more of our clients in NJ and the wider tri-state area choose open kitchen concepts for their new kitchen designs, we have adapted accordingly, and are now also providing custom furniture design, our custom walk-in closets being amongst the most popular custom designs in 2020. These closets flexibly integrate into our clients’ bed and living rooms, and are custom made in our partner factory in Italy. This Italian walk-in closet factory is where today’s innovation and the top products in 2020 are being invented. Italy has traditionally been know for being one step in advance, both in terms of product design and materials used. You can visit our Modiani kitchen showroom to see our most innovative walk-in closet on display, or be inspired by our online walk-in closet section to see which closet style it is you prefer and can see in your very own home in 2020.

Italian Custom Walk-In Closet Modiani Kitchens


Kitchen Lighting Trends

Last but certainly not least, kitchen lighting, which sets the tone in the kitchen, is becoming more and more artful and important in 2020. Just as targeted lighting is installed in most workplaces, it has also replaced washed out overhead lighting in many kitchens, which is, after all, a workspace. Kitchen lighting inside of cabinets is also gaining popularity because, like the light in the refrigerator, it gives visual access to all of the items being stored inside. Although past trends favored the installation of pendant lighting over an island or another freestanding piece in today’s luxury kitchen, this trend is slowly fading away. A major trend in modern kitchen design now is to make the kitchen feel as though it is a seamless addition to a fluid home. Often, rather than being its own private room, the kitchen is now a more open space. Therefore, designers are tending to shy away from pendant lighting over the island, which draws attention to the island. Instead, designers are drawn to lighting that promotes fluidity between the kitchen and the spaces surrounding it.

Cesar Unit Black Kitchen With Indirect Light


Kitchen Flooring Trends

As wood has shown a growing popularity in countertops it has also re-emerged in flooring options for the kitchen in 2020. There was a time in the recent past when wood flooring in the kitchen was nearly unheard of, as water and moisture were easily trapped beneath planks, causing long-term problems. However, the types of hardwoods being used for American and Italian kitchen cabinets today are sealed to perfection and therefore trapped moisture is no longer an issue. With new flooring solutions with bamboo and cork, modern kitchens are getting really interesting looks. Of course, tile remains a common kitchen flooring solution, but that too has evolved. Tile flooring now includes an option for in-tile heat, which radiates and keeps the floor from getting too cold.

The 50s By Cesar Shelving Unit With Italian Floor


Kitchen Appliance Trends

Appliances are undoubtedly one of the most important features in the 2020 kitchen, as they lend the kitchen most of its functionality. Appliances and sinks are both being worked directly into contemporary designs. In addition to common appliances such as a stovetop and oven, many modern kitchens now also include a range hood placed either on the wall or over an island. Recent trends have also shown evolution in refrigeration units, too, with many families installing refrigerator and freezer drawers beneath their kitchen cabinetry in 2020. Stainless steel appliances have always been a staple of modern design, and current contemporary design trends are no different. Stainless steel finishes are also becoming more ubiquitous in contemporary kitchen design. In cooperation with minimalistic cabinetry and countertop design, stainless steel finishes give an almost industrial look to the kitchen.

Custom Light Gray Kitchen And Appliances NJ


Creating A Modern Look In 2020

European styles have been gaining popularity in the United States as of late, particularly in high-end kitchen design. Characterized by simplicity, European kitchen designs in 2020 often feature sleek lines. Common materials are hard plastics and steel, which are in contrast to more traditional American designs that typically featured intricate woodwork. Ergonomics is a study that focuses on functionality in spacing and utility. Ergonomics, it would seem, should have always played a role in kitchen layouts, but the truth is that kitchens are not always planned for reliable workability in their original form. Newly designed luxury kitchens in 2020 reflect the professional layouts of restaurant kitchens. Often these kitchens include:

  • A fruit and vegetables prep area located near the main sink
  • A baking station: pull out cutting board and/or lift-up mixer in the base of the cabinets
  • A sandwich prep area: near the refrigerator
  • A second sink in the kitchen island for additional prep
  • A bar and mini-fridge in the island

These modern, ergonomically sound luxury kitchens are focused on organization and ease of use, two qualities that are of utmost importance to today’s on-the-go homeowner.

Kitchen NJ In Natural Wood


Electronic Integration

As electronics become more and more a part of daily life, many more homeowners are working from home – either primarily, or after hours and between shifts. As computers become smaller and easier to use in any room of the home, many find the kitchen to be the most desirable space to catch up on emails or work while in the home. Though there was a time that a personal computer would have its own home office room dedicated to it, laptops and tablets make it much easier to catch up on work while remaining within and amongst the household. To keep up with this trend, many homeowners are integrating additional plugs and charging stations into their modern kitchen projects.

Cesar Unit White Designer Kitchen Cabinets


Increasing Number Of Kitchen Renovations

After many years of holding back on investing in the home, many homeowners are coming out of the shadows and are finally getting back in the game of improving the home. For many American families in NJ, the luxury kitchen is the first spot being renovated in 2020. The kitchen holds huge importance in almost any home, contributing a place to gather, to eat, and to prepare meals. For many people, the kitchen sets the tone for the entire home by serving as the epicenter of most family activity. Therefore, having a functional kitchen that matches the styles and tastes of the family is of utmost importance to many. One thing is for sure, there are no design limitations in 2020!

Cesar Maxima 2.2 White Black Cabinets

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for further kitchen design tips, advise and trends in 2020. And if your kitchen project is located in NJ, NY or the wider Tri-State Area, we would happily be your partner of choice in terms of the design, production and installation of high-end European kitchen cabinets.

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