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Our Modiani kitchen showroom in Englewood, NJ offers a variety of kitchen cabinet handle options. These kitchen handles are suitable if you are looking for a modern, transitional or traditional custom kitchen for your home in NJ or the wider tri-state area. Each available kitchen cabinet handle style is described in detail below. What they all have in common is that they are custom made, either in our Italian Cesar production facility or in one of our American partner kitchen factories, feel free to contact our kitchen showroom for more details.

Cesar Unit Eero Brass Handles

Modern Kitchen Handle Options

The majority of our clients chooses one of our modern style kitchen models for their kitchen redesign project. Being the exclusive distributor of Italian Cesar kitchens in New Jersey, there are a variety of kitchen cabinet handle and opening mechanisms to choose from, which all incorporate the most innovative materials and latest technologies. The first decision to make is whether you would like to have kitchen handles, versus open your kitchen cabinet doors handle-less. Each kitchen handle and opening mechanisms for our modern Cesar kitchens is described in detail below.

Kitchen Handle Cesar Maniglia D Handles

D-Shaped Handles

All of our modern kitchen cabinet models can be equipped with a variety of kitchen handles of your choice. One of the latest trends are these D shape kitchen handles made of brass.

Kitchen Handle NJ Cesar Hook Grip

Hook Grip Edging

If you are looking for a handle-less kitchen that still incorporates some type of grip, our kitchen cabinet doors with carved in hook grip edging might work well for you.

Kitchen Handle Cesar Inside Grip Edging

Inside Grip Edging

An alternative to our hook grip edges, are our Cesar inside grip edge opening solutions, which are integrated into the top of the cabinet door with the front door cabinet finish continuing uninterruptedly.

Kitchen Handle Cesar Inside Recess and Straight Recess

Recessed Kitchen Handles

One of our most popular and proven kitchen handle solutions, are our recessed kitchen cabinet handles, which use straight grip recesses in combination with handles that are recessed on the cabinet door’s inside.

Kitchen Handle Cesar Frame Grip

Frame Grip Edges

This cabinet opening mechanism can be chosen in a variety of finishes, including matte aluminum or titanum. These Cesar frame grip moldings are added onto the step edging opening functionality.

Kitchen Handle Cesar Aluminum Grip Recess

L-Shaped Grip

Our modern kitchen cabinets with L-shaped grip recesses are usually made of aluminum, and allow for an easy, smooth opening of your kitchen cabinet doors.

Kitchen Handle Cesar Push Pull

Push Pull Opening

Our clients at Modiani Kitchens, who are looking for a kitchen with absolutely no visible sign of handles or grips, are amazed by our high-quality push pull cabinet doors, that open up cabinet doors by slightly pushing the cabinet front with one finger.

Kitchen Handles Cesar 45 Degree Edges

30-Degree Edges

This handle-less kitchen cabinet solution by Cesar Italian kitchens offers cabinet doors that have a 30 degree edge. This innovative mechanism makes our modern kitchens easy and smooth to open, creating plenty of room to grasp the cabinet edge.

Kitchen Handles Cesar 45 Degree Edges

45-Degree Edges

Alternatively, you can also choose cabinet doors with a 45 degree angle. Optionally, you can leave space between the cabinet doors and the countertop or extend them all the way to the countertop, combining them with a push pull opening mechanism.

Cesar Unit Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Transitional & Traditional Kitchen Handles

As is typical in transitional and traditional kitchen design, all kitchens typically incorporate some type of kitchen handles. These handles become part of the design, and can have any shape or form, generally considering the style, layout and design of the kitchen cabinetry. Our design team can show you the full range of kitchen handles including various samples during a complimentary kitchen design consultation at our Modiani kitchen showroom in Englewood, NJ.

Cesar Noa High-End Kitchen Cabinets

Transitional Kitchen Handles

Our transitional Italian Noa kitchen model offers a variety of kitchen handle options. Depending on the cabinet colors, door styles and opening preferences, we are here to assist you with the right handle choice.

Modiani Cesar Traditional Elite Kitchen Cabinet NJ

Traditional Golden Handles

Our traditional kitchen handles work really well with our Italian Cesar Elite and Cesar Etoile kitchen models. These ones in gold, or alternatively in silver, work really well with the engravings on the traditional kitchen cabinet doors.

Cesar Etoile Traditional Italian Kitchen

Traditional Dark Handles

Depending on the traditional kitchen model you choose, our design team can show you the full range of traditional kitchen handles that are available. Please kindly call or visit our Modiani kitchen showroom to see the latest handle options.

Cesar Etoile Black Italian Kitchen

We hope to have inspired you for your custom kitchen remodel. For further inspiration, please kindly visit our online kitchen portfolio, or contact us for a complimentary kitchen consultation at our Modiani kitchen showroom in Englewood, NJ.

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