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Cesar Williamsburg, Intarsio & The 50’s Kitchen Model

Modiani Kitchens has worked with the Italian kitchen brand Cesar for over 10 years. Cesar’s latest kitchen model is called Williamsburg, Intarsio and The 50’s, and is now available at our Modiani Kitchens showroom in New Jersey. Looking more closely into it, you can see that this kitchen model consists of three different kitchen design elements and styles that perfectly integrate into one another.

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Cesar’s Williamsburg Kitchen Island

Our Williamsburg kitchen island by Cesar was launched at EuroCuccina at Salone del Mobile 2018, which is the largest Furniture Fair worldwide, taking place every year in Milan, Italy. The kitchen model was inspired by trendy, hip Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York. Due to its close location to Manhattan and its beautiful view of the City, Williamsburg attracts many international artists, who come up with the most creative and innovative designs. Cesar’s Art Director Garcia Cumini was inspired by this area, as well as by Williamsburg bridge, and came up with this fashionable, sleek kitchen model that purely focuses on design, allowing open spaces to breathe as well as to optically expand themselves.

The New Williamsburg and Cesar Intarsio Kitchen_1

Cesar’s Intarsio Kitchen Cabinets

The new Intarsio kitchen model by Cesar is the new trendsetter in the kitchen industry. This modern kitchen refrains from using wall cabinets, which – in combination with the indirect lighting – creates an impressive tall look, and makes it so unique. The material used for this kitchen is called Rovere Fossile wood, a high-end cabinet finish only offered by a few international kitchen designers. The same material is used for the backsplash, creating a very coherent look across the kitchen. The handle used is made of aluminum and has a ribbed-effect finish, which can be used as defined by the client, either vertically or horizontally. The countertop used is also provided by Cesar, and a combination of Inox Mat steel and an integrated one-piece sink made of Grigio Billiemi marble. The kitchen design is rounded off by the use of Cesar’s Wall Waiter shelving system, which can flexibly be unfolded and closed.

The New Cesar Intarsio Kitchen_7

Cesar’s The 50’s Shelving System

So far, the only shelving system provided by Cesar was called Wall Waiter. With the launch of The 50’s Shelving System, Cesar expands its expertise and enters more and more into the furniture field. Being inspired by the 50’s, this new shelving system with round leg pieces is characterized by a mix of New meets Old. It perfectly integrates with the Williamsburg kitchen island and Intarsio kitchen cabinets, but can also be used on its own in an open kitchen or living room space. The materials used for this shelf are structured Nero lacquer and Rovere Fossile wood. This custom design also allows for additional transparent Grigio Fumè glass shelves.

Cesar UNIT 50's Shelf By Modiani Kitchens


“We just completed our kitchen renovation and
the outcome is absolutely stunning!”

Dmitri B. - August 2019