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Custom Shelving In New Jersey

At our Modiani Design Showroom in NJ, besides Italian designer kitchens, we also offer custom shelving solutions made in Italy. These are particularly interesting for those clients who want to complement their modern or transitional Italian kitchen with some additional classic design elements.  There are various shelving designs to choose from, which are custom made at our Italian kitchen manufacturer Cesar. Have a look at the below image gallery to be inspired in terms of the latest Italian shelving layouts and designs.

The 50s Shelf By Cesar

When being asked about additional interior design elements at Modiani Kitchens, we typically recommend our so-called The 50’s shelving system. The 50’s shelf is custom made in Italy by Cesar, and can be used alone, or in combination with any of our modern custom kitchen designs. Certain design elements, like the 50’s style legs with their round bottoms may remind you of back in the days, while the minimalistic overall appearance makes it integrate beautifully into your interior space, whether it’s your kitchen, bedroom or living room. The 50’s book shelf comes in a variety of finishes and colors, and works particularly well with our Cesar UNIT as well as our Cesar Williamsburg and Intarsio kitchen model.

Cesar UNIT 50's Shelf By Modiani Kitchens

The Wall Waiter Shelf

Our Cesar Wall Waiter Shelving System was initially designed for the UNIT kitchen model. It is an innovative, multi-functional storing system that integrates perfectly into your modern kitchen space. It comes in selected finishes and colors, and you can choose whether to switch on the indirect lighting, to keep the movable shelves directing upwards, or to move them down to create extra shelving. You can also integrate utensils that can be hung from the integrated hooks, which makes this shelving system both aesthetic and functional.

Cesar Unit Black Kitchen Cupboard Wall Waiter

Custom Shelf Materials And Styles

Please let us know if you like any of the shelving models as presented above. If you like our 50’s Shelving Solution or our Wall Waiter Shelf, we kindly ask you to bring your floor plans to our design showroom, so we can take it from there. Our design team will happily assist you in integrating our Italian shelves into your interior space flawlessly, and we can tell you in which materials and finishes each of the shelves are available. The finishes you can see in the images are typically Black Satin Brushed Nero and black structured lacquer, but there may be a variety of other shelf finishes that will work well with your kitchen, living room or interior space. If you like cabinet doors, you will be pleased to hear that it is now possible to choose clear or frosted glass doors, or to even incorporate fabric in the door fronts. Visit our showroom to learn more about the latest design trends.

Cesar’s The 50’S Shelving System

Indirect Shelf Lighting

It is very trending right now to visually expose the accessories stored in your custom wall or book shelf. This is why an increased focus is put on decoration elements and arranging the items within your Italian shelf beautifully. Another important element is the shelf lighting. Our design team is here to explain to you how indirect lighting can positively affect the appearance of your shelving system, and how we can use lighting for your advantage. Visit our boutique style design showroom in Englewood, NJ to find out more about our custom Cesar shelving made in Italy.

Cesar UNIT Glass Shelf By Modiani Kitchens

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