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Kitchen Design FAQ

As part of these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), we have summarized all questions that our kitchen clients at Modiani Kitchens, NJ frequently ask prior to their kitchen renovations. We have created these Kitchen Design FAQs for you to become more familiar with our kitchen design process and to have common kitchen design questions answered in a neat and convenient way. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions regarding your new custom kitchen, as our kitchen design team in Englewood, NJ will be happy to answer them.

1. Do I need an appointment to visit your Modiani Kitchen Showroom?

No, you don’t need a kitchen appointment to visit our kitchen showroom. You can simply walk into our showroom within our showroom opening hours. Our Modiani kitchen showroom is located in Downtown Englewood, New Jersey (46 S Dean Street, NJ 07631), and is open 6 days a week. If you would like to discuss a specific kitchen project with our Modiani kitchen designers and avoid any possible waiting time, we invite you to set up a complimentary kitchen appointment through our website at any time convenient for you.

2. Are your kitchen consultations offered on a complimentary basis?

Yes, our initial kitchen consultation, same as all others to follow, are provided by our Modiani kitchen design team on a complimentary basis, meaning that they are offered free of charge.

3. What shall I bring to the first kitchen consultation?

Please bring the floor plans of your kitchen space and, if available, any other supporting documents, like photos of the space, the desired kitchen dimensions and/or sketches of your dream custom kitchen to the first kitchen consultation.

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4. Do you offer parking at your kitchen showroom?

Yes. There is a parking garage right behind our Modiani kitchen showroom, which always offers plenty of parking space. Alternatively, you can also find parking lots in Downtown Englewood, which is within a couple of minutes’ walking distance.

5. How much does a kitchen cost on average at Modiani Kitchens?

The cost of our custom kitchens at Modiani Kitchens, NJ depends on the size of your desired kitchen as well as the chosen kitchen brand, model and materials/finishes chosen. On average, our clients spend around $60,000 for their kitchen cabinets, $20,000 on the appliances and $8,000 on the kitchen countertop of a large kitchen. If you have a small kitchen, our starting price for the kitchen cabinetry is usually $25,000.

6. Which kitchen cabinet brands do you offer?

Modiani Kitchens is proud to be the exclusive dealer of Cesar Italian Kitchens in New Jersey. The Cesar kitchen brand was established 50 years ago in Northern Italy, Europe, and is one of the top 3 international kitchen brands, offering modern, transitional and traditional Italian custom kitchens. If you are looking for a US made transitional or traditional style kitchen, we can offer you our Modiani HandCrafted kitchen brand, which offers the highest possible quality since the cabinetry is fully handcrafted and manufactured according to your detailed instructions. We also offer a variety of other transitional and traditional style kitchen lines, about which you can find more about in our product section.

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7. Do you offer any other products besides kitchens?

At Modiani Kitchens, we also offer custom bathroom vanity designs, which we can create in the same design as your custom kitchen. We also offer various kitchen features and complementary accessories, like kitchen shelving solutions, custom walk-in closets, kitchen hardware, kitchen handles, kitchen countertops, kitchen appliances (when bought in combination with a kitchen), etc. Please contact our kitchen showroom for more details.

8. How does the kitchen design process work?

We invite you to visit our kitchen design process section to learn more about all steps involved regarding our typical kitchen design process at Modiani Kitchens, NJ. Here, you can learn about everything, from the initial complimentary kitchen consultation, to our proposal, our AutoCAD drawings/3D renderings of your dream kitchen, us taking measurements, placing the kitchen order for you and finally installing it in your interior space.

9. Will your kitchen designers inspire me for my new kitchen?

Yes, this is what we are here for and one of the most crucial parts in the kitchen design process. Our kitchen designers at Modiani Kitchens have over 20 years’ design experience, and will be happy to assist and inspire you for your new kitchen, from the kitchen materials and finishes used, to the colors, kitchen layout and kitchen features that are most suitable for your individual kitchen project.

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10. Do you also sell kitchen appliances?

If you order your kitchen cabinetry through Modiani Kitchens, we can also provide high-end kitchen appliances by the brands Gaggenau, Subzero-Wolf, Bosch and Thermador, and often even on more favorable terms.

11. How long does the kitchen design, production and delivery process take?

This depends on the kitchen brand and cabinetry finishes you choose. If you choose one of our locally produced US made kitchen brands, the lead time is usually six to eight weeks. If you would like to use our Italian Cesar custom kitchen brand, the lead time is usually fourteen to sixteen weeks, depending on the kitchen finishes chosen.

12. How long does the kitchen installation take?

Our Modiani kitchen design team is able to anticipate the delivery date of your kitchen. Typically, your kitchen installation will take for 2-3 business days after your scheduled delivery date. After the kitchen installation, your kitchen countertops can be installed. For the entire installation process, we hence calculate up to two weeks.

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13. How many years of design experience do you have?

Our Modiani kitchen designers have between 15 and 20 years of kitchen design experience in the American and European high-end custom kitchen design industry. You can find out more about each one’s experience and background by visiting our Modiani team section.

14. May I review samples of your design work?

Most definitely, and this should be one of the first questions to ask a serious kitchen designer. Please feel free to become familiar with our beautiful online kitchen portfolio or browse through our online kitchen portfolio book. Please make a note of anything you could imagine to see in your own kitchen.

15. What are examples of questions you will ask me during our first kitchen consultation?

Typical questions we will ask you throughout our first kitchen consultation could include:

  • How many people live at your home, and how many people usually use your kitchen space at the same time
  • How do you usually prepare meals and how often per week?
  • Do you have children, and if yes, do they do their homework in the kitchen?
  • Do you have pets and if so, how many and what type of pets?
  • Is the primary cook in the household left-handed or right-handed?
  • Is anyone in the household handicapped or has special needs?
  • Do you host dinner parties, and if yes how often and for how many people?
  • Etc.
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16. How many design plans will you present me with?

This totally depends on how happy and satisfied you are with your design choices and our design plans and drawings. While some of our clients are happy with the first version we present, others would like to see a second or third plan of your dream custom kitchen design.

17. How flexible are you?

We understand that many of our clients have a busy life and work schedule. If you would like to visit our kitchen showroom, or meet with our designers, outside of our kitchen showroom hours, we are able to do so. We are as flexible as you want us to be, and will make sure that you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the kitchen design process and all flows of communication with us.

18. What are your terms?

Our work and payment terms is something we typically discuss during our first kitchen consultation. In general, once you know that you would like to work with us, we typically ask you to sign an agreement and collect a so-called retainer fee prior to getting started with any substantial work relating to your kitchen design project.

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19. How can modern or contemporary kitchen design be characterized?

We invite you to visit our modern kitchen page to learn more about modern kitchen design, also known as contemporary kitchen design. Generally speaking, modern kitchens are characterized by a sleek, modern appearance with clean lines and the use of modern materials such high gloss laminates, lacquers, aluminums, and glass. Contemporary kitchen design typically shies away from intricacy and embraces minimalism.

20. How can traditional kitchen design be characterized?

We invite you to visit our traditional kitchen page to learn more about traditional kitchen design. Generally speaking, traditional design is characterized by detailed craftsmanship. It often uses wood cabinetry with deep full cabinet finishes, such as cherry or mahogany wood. Other characteristics of traditional kitchen design could include wood paneling, intricate design details, or warm cabinet colors and tones.

21. How can transitional kitchen design be characterized?

We invite you to visit our transitional kitchen page to learn more about transitional kitchen design. Typically, transitional kitchen design is a mixture of modern meets tradition, where you can decide how many modern versus traditional design details you would like to incorporate, mix and match in your transitional kitchen space.

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22. How do you consider health and safety measures in your kitchen designs?

Depending on how old you are, if you have any children, pets or disabled people in your household, and who else uses your kitchen space, our Modiani kitchen design team will be sure to consider any necessary health and safety measurements. This ensures that critical areas within your kitchen, like your stove, knives, any areas with toxic chemicals, etc. are designed and integrated into your kitchen space in a way that suits all of your health and safety requirements.

23. How can I incorporate the maximum amount of light into my kitchen space?

If your house/apartment hasn’t been built yet, our kitchen designers would be more than happy to collaborate with the involved architect of your home on the best possible use of light in your kitchen space. Otherwise, we will make sure to plan and design the kitchen around your existing lighting sources or to redesign the space in order to maximize natural light within your existing kitchen space. Should you not have plenty of natural light available within your interior space, we can also assist with our direct and indirect kitchen and under-cabinet lighting options.

24. How often do you host product innovations?

In terms of our Italian kitchen brand Cesar, where Modiani Kitchens is the exclusive dealer across NJ, you can be sure that we launch new product and material innovations at least once a year, and sometimes even more often than that. In terms of our US made kitchen brands, since many of them are handcrafted, anything you have in mind, should be possible. Just ask one of our kitchen designers about our latest and upcoming kitchen trends and innovations.

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25. How do you stay up to date with what’s out there?

Our Modiani kitchen designers regularly attend workshops and trade shows about international kitchen designer. In terms of our Italian kitchen brand Cesar, for whom Modiani Kitchens is the exclusive distributor in New Jersey, we even have our own Italian Art Director Garcia Cumini, who constantly designs and launches new product and design features.

We hope that you enjoyed reading through our kitchen design FAQs. If you are considering a kitchen remodel, it should be in your best interest to have a qualified kitchen designer working on your kitchen project. Please contact us should you have any more questions that weren’t answered in the above frequently asked kitchen design questions and answers. Many people who are hiring a custom kitchen designer are doing so for the first time, so we understand that there are plenty of things to ask prior to getting started, and we at Modiani Kitchens in Englewood, NJ would be happy to assist you.


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