modern kitchen islands

When it comes to modern custom kitchen design, the kitchen island is a near must. Almost all new designs include an island. The kitchen island can be used as a prep area for cooking, a place to sit and eat, or even a place to do the dishes when a sink is installed within it. The island enhances efficiency in the kitchen, which in today’s busy age is a near necessity for families.

When islands first appeared in kitchens, they were akin to a butcher block. The island was a simple workspace where cutting and other food preparation occurred. Eventually, cabinetry was added below the island. Even still, the island remained a fairly simple freestanding piece of kitchen furniture.

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Today’s islands, however, are often the focal point of a space. Using bold colors, glamorous materials, and design flourishes, kitchen islands draw attention. Further, they are more efficient than ever as modern technology has made it possible to push the kitchen island beyond initial limitations with enhancements like sinks and stovetop ranges.

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If you are considering adding a kitchen island to your kitchen space, there are some components to consider.

Project Size:

As with any major home project, it’s important to determine what you’re willing to get yourself into. How much you are willing to spend will determine what types of features your kitchen island may have.

Project Type:

Are you going to try to handle the project on your own, or is this more a job for a professional kitchen designer and installer? There’s a big difference between what you might be able to handle on your own versus what you need to bring a professional in for. Be realistic and leave your ego at the door. If you need a professional, hire a professional.


How much space do you want your island to take up in your kitchen, and how much space are you hoping to have on top of it? Also be sure to consider your desired height in an island. You want to be able to comfortably work on the island, so your height may play a big role in this decision.


There needs to be enough room around the island to allow for an easy traffic flow through the kitchen. Place your kitchen island carefully and keep in mind that the most traveled areas in the kitchen are the stove, sink, and refrigerator. There should be at least a forty-eight-inch walkway allowed between the island and all other surfaces.


Do you intend to use your island as a workspace, a storage space, a dining space, or a food prep space? Understanding how you want to use your island will help you to determine how to best go about constructing your island.


Do you want your island to be movable, or do you want it stationary? There are pros and cons to each!


Consider what types of fixtures you might want to include on your island. Is a stovetop a desire? What about a dishwasher? Again, knowing how you want to use your island and what you hope it will add to the space will be of big help here.


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