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When remodeling your kitchen, it is important to thoroughly evaluate all possible kitchen layouts for your individual kitchen project and interior space, in order to be able to determine the design that works best for you. Based on your kitchen floor plan, it can hence help to understand how you currently use your kitchen space and how you would like to use it after the kitchen redesign. Feel free to reach out to our Modiani kitchen showroom in Englewood, NJ to discuss any questions or concerns regarding your kitchen layout.

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Possible Kitchen Layouts

Learn more about possible kitchen layouts for your residential or commercial kitchen project by reading through the below kitchen layout options that you are welcome to discuss in more detail with our kitchen designers at Modiani Kitchens. Understanding the way that you move within your kitchen space, will help you to make the best layout and design choices when picking and placing your custom kitchen cabinets. Here is a brief overview of possible layout options:

  • Galley Kitchen Layouts: A galley style kitchen can be described as having two straight rows of kitchen cabinets located opposite of each other. This layout has an ergonomically efficient arrangement of cupboards, sinks, kitchen countertops and appliances, hence facilitating the preparation and cooking of food overall.
  • One Wall Kitchen Layouts: Kitchen appliances, cabinets and any countertops are placed against a single wall for optimal access while any additional space is used as a dining area. Some modern styles of the one-wall kitchen design implement a small kitchen island that transforms the area into a “Galley” kitchen complete with a walkway corridor, space permitting.
  • L-shaped Kitchen Layouts: For this layout, the kitchen is situated in an L-formation, typically with an island in the center of the room that is accessible from both legs of the L. The L shape is very common for kitchens that have a lot of different uses, from eating into prepping to doing work on the island.
  • U-shaped Kitchen Layouts: The U-shaped kitchen is the preferred kitchen shape for busy cooks who want to be within easy reach of the entire work area at all times. The U shape is arched by essentially adding another leg – a peninsula – to the L-shape.
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Questions To Determine Your New Kitchen Layout

Here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself prior to deciding on the layout of your modern, transitional or traditional kitchen design:

  • What are the aspects of your kitchen that you wish were different?
  • Do you need a little more space between the kitchen island and the sink?
  • Would you like to have more kitchen countertop space next to the stove?
  • Where would you like your plates to be located?
  • Would you like to reach your cooking spices/ingredients more easily?

Generally speaking, you can choose from a wide variety of kitchen layout options. While the final kitchen layout also depends on the kitchen space available, most of our clients at Modiani Kitchens usually choose from the following kitchen layouts: galley style kitchen layout, U-shaped kitchen layout, L-shaped kitchen layout and one wall kitchen.

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Galley Style Kitchen Layout

A galley kitchen is what many picture when they think of a small city kitchen. In a galley kitchen, two rows of counters and cabinets are situated across from one another, creating almost a corridor for the chef to work in between the two spaces. Even though the galley style kitchen layout may not be an overly trending American or Italian kitchen layout, it continues to be one of the most common kitchen layouts chosen when redesigning a luxury kitchen and are actually also the preferred layout for many chefs, as they allow for easy access between prep areas and cooking areas. Another reason for this may be that galley style kitchen layouts represent an excellent use of kitchen cabinet design and space. The biggest component in determining whether or not a galley kitchen is going to be good is the width of the room. Too much space between the two countertops will require too much movement for the chef, whereas too little space will make the chef feel cramped and frustrated. Galley kitchen layouts usually have the following characteristics:

  • Single-corridor style
  • Placement of appliances, kitchen cabinets, countertops and sinks on either side of the kitchen
  • Implementation of the classic “work triangle”, which consists of the refrigerator, sink and stove
  • Often no integrated dining area since the primary purpose of this kitchen design is to enhance the cooking process
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Single Galley or One Wall Kitchen Layout

In contrast to a traditional galley setup, where the sink, the stove and a prep area long one line and then another prep area is located directly across from it, in a single galley or one wall kitchen layout, as the name says, the kitchen workspace and all appliances are situated along one wall. This is a common option in very small luxury kitchen spaces, such as condos, studio apartments or lofts, where the main dining area is also in the kitchen. As mentioned, this type of kitchen layout just consists of one wall, making it a particular suitable design option for kitchen design projects in Manhattan, NYC because it maximizes a minimal amount of space while providing functional aspects designed to make working in the kitchen as comfortable as possible. As workspace is often limited, it makes sense to evaluate the use of compact kitchen appliances. Should more space be available, including a kitchen island is a way of gaining additional storage and workspace.

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U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

Kitchens referred to as “U-shaped” incorporate a workspace that is surrounded by three adjoining walls that create a kitchen sizing space of roughly 10 to 19 feet wide. In a U-shaped kitchen setup, cabinets are typically installed along three walls, creating a shape that is reminiscent of a U with two long ends and one shorter (or equal length) middle piece. The purpose of a U-shaped kitchen design is to combine eating and cooking in one enclosed area. The traffic flow is hence eliminated in these types of kitchens because people enter and leave from one side of the kitchen. U-shaped layouts allow for a great deal of storage and counter space, which is great for the busy chef. However, when working with a U-shaped layout, kitchen appliances must be placed carefully so as not to box in the chef. Here are some more characteristics of a U-shaped kitchen layout:

  • Ability to pivot from the stove to the refrigerator, to the sink and back again in the most time efficient way
  • Ample space for the countertop and to place a small to medium-sized traditional or modern kitchen island
  • Enough room for people to hang out while someone is preparing a meal
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L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

In recent years, L-shaped kitchens have gained more and more popularity. As the name suggests, this kitchen layout consists of two kitchen walls facing each other at a 90-degree angle and can vary in size, depending on the kitchen space available. In an L-shaped kitchen, the kitchen cabinetry typically has one long arm lined with cabinets on one axis and a shorter arm of cabinets on another connected axis. The L-shaped cabinet layout allows for easy access to several different working areas within the kitchen and is convenient for the frequent chef. Especially when designing custom kitchens of medium to large size, it seems to be very common to place a kitchen island or kitchen table next to it. Here are some more of the characteristics of L-shaped kitchen layouts:

  • Usually placed in corners, so the kitchen can be entered from various different angles
  • Easy to implement the so-called kitchen work triangle with the refrigerator, stove and sink in close proximity
  • Ideal for open kitchens with enough room for a seating area
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Island Kitchen Layout

In many busy kitchens, a modern or traditional kitchen island with cabinets is added in addition to any cabinetry that may be installed on the wall. An island allows for easy access from practically any spot in the kitchen, making this a favorite for families who experience a lot of business in the kitchen. In Feng Shui, the island is promoted as a “command” center for the chef, allowing him or her to see the entire kitchen while working. This is particularly helpful for those who entertain frequently and have to cook while talking to guests.

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Floor Plan As A Starting Point

When it comes to custom kitchen design, the floor plan and kitchen layout you choose can be just as important – if not more important – than the style and design choices you make. So always look at your floor plan first when deciding how to design your kitchen’s layout. Of course, no one has to adhere to one of the classic high-end kitchen layouts and designs as outlined above. If there is a special design you have in mind, discuss it with your kitchen designer to determine whether your plan is feasible and functional. Although your original design may be what you have always wanted in a kitchen layout, the actual dimensions, once implemented, may not contribute to the accessibility needed by all family members. Talking to kitchen designers and showrooms, like Modiani Kitchens, may also give you more ideas with which to work and consider.

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Additional Kitchen Layout Considerations

Here are some more considerations to keep in mind when deciding on your ideal kitchen layout. The L-shaped kitchen is generally great for making the best use of limited corner space existing in small to average sized kitchens. Versatile and streamlined, this layout usually contains countertops attached to adjoining, perpendicular walls that create the “L” shape and helps to reduce traffic jams in the kitchen. With an “L” shaped kitchen, it isn’t possible for people to use it like a thoroughfare because of the logistics. In addition, you can add several work zones and a comfortable dining space as well. In contrast, think about a horseshoe when envisioning the U-shaped kitchen layout. Comprised of three walls lined with appliances and cabinets, this kitchen is ideal for those who want to create ample storage areas yet also want to maintain the “free flow” of activity in the kitchen without feeling cramped. Some U-shaped kitchens contain a third wall called a peninsula that provides a casual ambiance enhanced by bar-style dining with leather bar stools. Larger kitchens implementing the U design often contain a beautiful, butcher-block kitchen island to facilitate food preparation and storage of bulky kitchen tools that need concealing from view.

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Kitchen Appliance Accessibility

Kitchen designers often work with the idea of the “work triangle” when determining where to place the kitchen appliances within the chosen layout and shape of the kitchen. The work triangle consists of the stove, the refrigerator, and the sink – all of which need to be easily accessible from one to the other. It puts the sink, range, and refrigerator in varying arrangements that create the classic triangle many people still prefer over other, more trendy designs. Most kitchen designers embrace this idea by making each are easy to get to from the other. However, it is, of course, a rule of thumb that can be broken if a client has needs that would necessitate a different setup. Triangle kitchens usually do not contain islands but when they do, the peninsula should not impede the functionality of the triangle kitchen. Industry experts recommend that the three sides of this type of kitchen shouldn’t exceed 26 feet, with sides no more than nine feet in length. These dimensions ensure that the work area is ample but not too big. As the main cook in the family, you don’t want to waste energy moving back and forth repeatedly while preparing a meal in the kitchen. In addition, the primary thoroughfare should not go through the triangle so maximize convenience for the person most often in the kitchen.

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Steps To Your Ideal Kitchen Layout

So to conclude, if you are planning to build a new home or to remodel your kitchen, it is important to know the different shapes and layouts that kitchens are typically designed in, as outlined above. Each floor plan offers different conveniences, and some kitchen layouts may be better suited for particular kitchen spaces than others. It’s a good idea to speak with a professional kitchen designer about which kitchen layout would work best in your space. Planning for spacing issues as well as for how you intend to use the space is very important with any remodel, but it’s particularly important in each luxury kitchen. You want the kitchen to work for you and you also want it to fit well in the space you have to dedicate to it. Professional designers who are trained in kitchen ergonomics can make a determination about where appliances should go in your kitchen and what layout would serve you best.

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Collaborate with Modiani Kitchens

When it comes down to it, deciding how to space your kitchen, what shape to have it take on, and where to place the appliances comes down to one key factor: what do you need? When you are deciding what you need, it is a good idea to be aware of how you use the custom kitchen cabinets, and our Modiani kitchen designers are here to assist you. Are you a serious chef, or an occasional dabbler? Is it most important to you that you have ample workspace, or that there is room for guests to gather during dinner parties? Do you need an area for the kids to do their homework, or do you not have kids in the household? Some families want to be able to see into and interact with the other living spaces in the home while in the kitchen, while others do not. If you are going to take the time and designate the resources to remodel your kitchen, it makes sense that you should create a kitchen that is going to work for you. It is really important to understand what it is that you want so that you can best communicate to your kitchen designer what your ultimate goals are. If your designer knows what you need, he or she will be able to guide you in making decisions that will most positively affect the outcome of your remodel. Contact our Modiani kitchen showroom for assistance and more details.


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