• CABINETS: Cesar
  • FINISHES: White Silk Lacquer

In this midtown Manhattan apartment, our kitchen designers were presented with the challenge of having a fairly small space to work with, which the client wanted to make the most of by playing with aesthetics and spacing.

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In this luxury kitchen space, open shelving became a significant component of the overall design, both for style and for function. The openness of the shelves and the spacing of the objects placed upon them help to create visual intrigue and functionality that embraces the footprint of the space while opening it up to the open concept floor plan that melds the kitchen and living spaces in the home. The extensive use of shelving also helps to emphasize horizontal linear qualities in the space, which helps to visually stretch the kitchen, giving the illusion that it is larger than it is.

Here, our designers used the Maxima 2.2 kitchen model, which is paired with a white silk lacquer finish and countertops made of Caesarstone in pure white. The wall cabinets in this kitchen are in an L-shape, but base cabinets were only extended to one side of the L to make space for a substantial modern kitchen island, which mirrors the L-shape of the kitchen and offers two seating opportunities. The kitchen island also features a stainless steel leg.

A hood is incorporated into cabinets in this space, allowing for ventilation function without the visual boldness of a large hood.

Photographer © Peter Murdock


“I have nothing but high praise of the quality of
work that Modiani Kitchen offers to its customers.”

Jae K. - March 2019