Traditional And Modern Kitchen Redesign In NJ

In today’s world, kitchens are a space where everyone comes together. It is often used for cooking as well as dining, and family members will often use the kitchen as a place to spend leisure time, host a dinner party or mingle with guests while preparing food. All of this should be considered when redesigning your kitchen in NJ.

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Traditional and Modern Kitchen Redesign in NJ

While traditional kitchens have always been popular in NJ, contemporary kitchens have been used by an increasing amount of house owners in NJ as they set a fresh tone for the entire home. Particularly with open floor kitchens gaining more popularity, modern kitchens often seem to be the best choice to create innovative, comfortable ‘living areas’. Our designers at Modiani Kitchens are happy to assist you with your kitchen redesign whichever kitchen style you decide to choose.

Planning a Kitchen Remodel in NJ

If your kitchen is outdated, there are several different ways to make it the heart of your home again:

  • Cabinets:
    The kitchen cabinets you choose for your high-end kitchen redesign in NJ is hugely important in defining the overall character of your kitchen space. Depending on the type of cabinets you choose, they may define the style of your entire kitchen. Knowing what you want the overall kitchen to feel like, will help you to make the best possible decision in terms of color and style of your kitchen.
  • Countertops:
    Kitchen countertops are a very important part of the kitchen. They provide the workspace for the chef, and they largely dictate the overall look and feel of the kitchen. Popular natural countertop materials would be made of quartz, granite, slate, marble, soapstone and laminate.
  • Kitchen Appliances:
    When redesigning your NJ kitchen, you will need to decide whether you are planning to keep your current kitchen appliances or order new ones. In order to prepare meals in the most time and energy efficient way, we recommend using up-to-date kitchen appliances.
  • Lighting:
    The lighting in a kitchen can define the overall appearance of your NJ kitchen, so choose wisely. You could install track lighting over a butcher block, which will make it easy to use, or in kitchen cabinets themselves. Also, be aware of where natural light comes from. We are more than happy to help you plan your lighting scheme to complement and enhance your kitchen space in the best possible way.
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Kitchen Remodel Layouts in NJ

When planning a kitchen remodel for your NJ home, we will analyze your family’s most frequent behavior and work ways in detail to choose your ideal kitchen layout. Do you like to grab a quick breakfast in the kitchen, but tend to have your dinner in the living room? If so, a breakfast nook might be an appropriate addition to your space. If you work frequently on your computer whilst spending time in the kitchen, having an area that is far away from where food preparation occurs, could be an advantage. Another kitchen remodel consideration would be to include a special charging station for small electronics. In addition to the layout, there are several ways that you can customize the kitchen so that it works best for you. Custom cabinet and drawer solutions may include special spice racks in the drawer for easy browsing, lower cabinet heights for short chefs or special storing stations for loose items such as potatoes and onions.


“We just completed our kitchen renovation and
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Dmitri B. - August 2019