Kitchen appliances not only represent a big financial investment but also an investment in the functionality, appearance and comfort provided by your kitchen. When you neglect to purchase the right kind of appliances for your lifestyle and kitchen design, your family’s ability to move through daily life may be hampered enough to cause stress and disruption that is essentially unnecessary.


Consider the kind of refrigerator that can best suit your family’s food needs. While larger households may need double-door refrigerators with extra freezer space, smaller families won’t need that big of a refrigerator. In fact, the smaller the refrigerator with which you can get by, the easier it will be on your monthly energy bills. Additionally, think about how much fresh and frozen foods you buy every week, as well as if options like ice makers and filter water dispensers would be worth getting in a refrigerator for your kitchen.

Stoves / Ovens

To streamline a high-end kitchen and save space, insert a cooktop range into your countertop along with an attractive backsplash. Other types of stoves and ovens include wall ovens, freestanding ranges, gas-powered stoves that offer versatile heating options and electric ranges with varieties of heating coils. Convection ovens are great to use if you don’t have much time to prepare meals since fans are used for heat circulation that results in faster cooking times. For people who love to spend time in the kitchen, electric double ovens provide two ovens in which to cook food simultaneously. Make sure your kitchen has enough space to incorporate one of these ovens and make sure the kitchen cabinets covering them are design in a nice and functional way.


After dinner, just load the dishwasher and let this nifty appliance take care of cleaning the dishes. Built-in dishwashers are the most convenient type of dishwasher since this appliance’s plumbing is hooked into your kitchen sink plumbing and allows you to use the sink while the dishwasher is running. Also, consider the capacity of the dishwasher. For up to a three-person household, an 18-inch dishwasher is able to handle six place settings while a standard 24-inch dishwasher will hold around 12 place settings.


All kitchens today have at least one microwave oven that is freestanding or built into one of the kitchen walls. In addition to reheating and defrosting, you can obtain microwaves that crisp and grill food as well. Although white or off-white kitchen appliances are still popular, stainless steel is trending this year, along with warming drawers and appliances that are concealed in the design of the kitchen. Kitchen islands containing sunken cooktops represent another fashionable kitchen design that facilitates cooking and hides messes from guests. For more information about choosing the right kind of appliances for your new kitchen, talk to a professional renovator who is experienced in creating functional, attractive and satisfying kitchens for any type of home or apartment.


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