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Custom Walk-In Closets In NJ

In summer 2017, Modiani Kitchens extended its offerings to include Modiani Kitchens’ interior design line. With that addition also came an expansion of the rooms we serve, and we now also offer walk-in closets to our valued clients. We believe that the modular walk-in closets by the Italian furniture designer Sangiacomo are a great complement to our modern kitchen cabinet line, which also hails from Italy. Sangiacomo offers stunning closet designs at very competitive prices. Moreover, Sangiacomo closets have a similar style as our high end modern kitchens, which is a big benefit if you are planning to remodel your kitchen and bedroom at the same time or if you would like to extend the style and character of the kitchen into other parts of the home.

Transparent Sangiacomo Walk-In Closet

Sangiacomo Closets

Our Sangiacomo walk-in closets are designed and produced in north east Italy. Sangiacomo offers variety of materials, colors, sizes and finishes, which you may choose from to create a truly custom experience for your walk-in closet. Should you need any advice recommendations in terms of design or functionality, our designers are here to help. Among the additional choices you will have include  whether you would like a freestanding or closed walk-in closet, and if you prefer hinged, sliding or coplanar doors.

White Sangiacomo Walk In Closet

Closet Materials

The most typical material used in our walk-in closets is laminate, which we offer in eight different colors including Bianco Lana, Frassinato Bianco, Tramato Lino, Tramato Juta, Olmo Medio, Olmo Scuro, Loto Natura and Loto Tortora. We also offer white and brass lacquered finishes for hanging rails, shelves, brackets and pull out frames. Please ask our kitchen designers if you are looking for a different material, such as glass or wood. We believe that the lighting installed in your walk-in closets can also have a huge impact, which our designers will help you consider  when considering the material and color.

White Transparent Modern Walk In Closet

 Advantages of Walk-In Closets

As you can imagine, many of our clients choose walk-in closets not only because they are convenient, but also because of the beautiful environment they create. Visit our Modiani Kitchens showroom in Englewood, NJ today, to view, touch and feel one of our most popular Sangiacomo walk-in closets. You will be amazed how breathtaking it is in appearance, how well it will integrate into your interior space, and how exceptional our designers are at reflecting your specific taste and character in their designs.

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