Are you planning to design or remodel your kitchen using colored kitchen cabinets? It is very trendy to use colored cabinets these days and research shows that the kitchen color can also have a significant effect on mood, harmony and body functions. For example, certain kitchen cabinet colors can stimulate hunger, whilst others can decrease it. Since the kitchen is such an important space, we need to give importance to its design including its cabinet color scheme. The overall design of the kitchen will largely dictate how the space is used and how people will feel when they are in the kitchen, especially when hosting a party there.

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Kitchen Color Palettes

In general, it can be distinguished between warm and cold kitchen cabinet colors. Warm color palettes, like different nuances of red through to yellow, with browns and tans included, are known to be stimulating colors. You may want to incorporate these kitchen colors to give your mood a boost in the morning or to create an appetite. In contrast, cold color palettes, like variations of blue through to indigo with grays included, tend to create a calming effect. Using greens and violets for your custom kitchen cabinets will help to create balance as well as tranquillity. Experts say that it is a good idea to strike a nice balance of stimulating and relaxing colors, thus allowing people to come down while remaining engaged.

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Impact of Kitchen Colors on Space

When considering what Cesar kitchen cabinet color will be best for a particular space, it is also important to consider the overall size of the space. For example, dark colors tend to make a space feel smaller. Therefore, a small kitchen space would not benefit from dark colors, but would only make the space feel smaller than it already is. Logically then, light colors will make a space feel more expansive, making them very suitable for small spaces. If you would like to make a large room feel smaller or vice versa, playing with light and dark tones may be a good idea. Alternatively, sticking to medium-range tones or neutral colors, like white kitchen cabinets, may be a safe bet.

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Impact of Kitchen Colors on Appetite & Mood

If you want to create a kitchen space and design that increases appetite, make sure to embrace a warm color palette in your kitchen cabinets. Especially variations of red, orange and yellow are known to stimulate hunger in humans. In contrast, a cold color scheme, including variations of blues, violets and indigos, will usually decrease hunger. Green is somewhere in the middle and is known for instilling balance in humans, meaning it usually won’t have any impact on appetite. In the same way that colors can change the level of hunger, they can also affect people’s mood. Choose warm colors if you want to feel excited, happy and more energized and stick to cold color palettes if you prefer to feel more balanced, chilled and calm. Keep in mind that lighting will also be a factor in determining which color scheme works best for your luxury kitchen and mood.

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Colored Kitchen Cabinet Considerations

As with any addition to the kitchen space, the overall style of the kitchen must be considered when choosing a color for the kitchen cabinets. For traditional kitchens, choosing ultra-modern color schemes, such as stark grays and reds, may not be the best choice. Creating a harmonious kitchen is about discovering a cohesive theme in the design. Lastly, it is important to consider how long you plan on keeping your current home, and whether the color of your Cesar modern kitchen cabinets could affect the price of your home. If you choose something very specific that does not match the rest of the home, potential buyers may see the kitchen as something that they would have to replace in order to enjoy living in the home. This can be a major issue for potential buyers, so it should be considered when you are making your kitchen cabinet color decision.


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