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Custom Kitchens Made In The USA

If you are looking for an American style transitional or traditional custom kitchen design for your home in NJ or the wider tri-state area, look no further! At Modiani Kitchens, we offer a variety of custom kitchen brands that are locally produced and of the highest quality. You can either choose to use our own transitional and traditional kitchen brand, called Modiani Handcrafted, for your upcoming kitchen design project, or select one of our other domestic, high-end kitchen brands, which we will outline in more detail here below.

Transitional Residential Kitchen Project Jersey City, NJ

US Made Custom Kitchen Brands

The American kitchen brands we offer at our Modiani Kitchen Showroom in Englewood, NJ are some of the best and biggest custom cabinet manufacturers in the USA. Their production sites are usually located in rural areas, like Pennsylvania or Wisconsin, and many of them focus on product innovations, employee initiatives and production efficiency. We are proud to be chosen as a kitchen dealer and showroom in the US, who is allowed to often exclusively work with these high-end custom kitchen brands. And we are glad to see that our American style high quality kitchen cabinets perfectly suit the needs of our kitchen clients in New Jersey, New York and the tri-state area.

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Custom Cabinet Design in the USA

During a complimentary kitchen design consultation at our New Jersey based Modiani kitchen showroom, our kitchen designers will be keen to take you through our possible cabinet customization options, and explain what makes our product so different and special. For us, it is important to design and produce American kitchens that will positively transform your space. Whether you are looking for a typical traditional kitchen, or more transitional kitchen design with a slightly more clean look, at Modiani Kitchens, you can be sure that we use the finest materials and craftsmanship for the production of our high-end kitchen cabinets. Depending on which US custom cabinet brand you choose, there will be a warranty included, which ensures that our cabinets are of long lasting quality and free of defect in workmanship. Our warranty also protects you after the installation of the kitchen. Should there be a problem with your American made custom kitchen under normal use and service, you can reach out to Modiani, and we will work on a repair or replacement of the defective cabinetry

Transitional Kitchen Cabinet Project Jersey City, NJ

Kitchen Cabinetry Philosophy

We strive to make our clients happy by providing beautiful, high-quality wood cabinets that are optionally being produced in Italy, Europe, or locally in the United States of America. Modiani Kitchens is very particular and strict with the choice of the few selected US made kitchen brands we work with. All of the US kitchen brands we offer, focus on state-of the art equipment, unparalleled integrity, and on consistent product quality with outstanding designs that are easy to install. These domestic kitchen brands work with selected, high-end kitchen showrooms, like Modiani Kitchens, to make sure that their cabinetry serves their target group in the best possible way. This includes making sure that the design, style and layout of a client’s new custom kitchen is compatible with the interior space and individual design challenges. We are keen to offer a variety of US made transitional and traditional kitchens at both, a high quality and a great value for money, very often achieved through detailed, thorough kitchen designs in combination with a production processes that considers the highest quality measurement and control.

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Transitional and Traditional Kitchen Bath Design

The reason why Modiani Kitchens is as successful today as we were back in the days, is our motivation to “do things better”. This includes the right choices of domestic transitional and traditional kitchen brands, as well as the right product offer. Because many of our clients are interested in renovating their kitchen and bathroom at the same time, we do not only offer custom kitchens from the US, but also locally produced bathroom solutions. This ensures that whichever American transitional or traditional cabinet style you choose for your kitchen cabinets, we can use exactly the same material and finish choices for your custom vanities. As all of our cabinetry is custom made in the USA, the production of our transitional and traditional kitchen and bath designs takes slightly longer than for stock cabinets. Generally speaking, it is possible to equip your kitchen and bathroom with locally produced cabinets within a time frame of six to eight weeks. As a rule of thumb, a fully custom kitchen and bath design will take slightly longer than a semi-custom design, and the more out of the ordinary design choices you have, the more time it may take to produce your US custom dream kitchen and bathroom vanities.

Transitional Kitchen Project Jersey City, NJ

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