kitchen cabinets at modiani kitchens

At Modiani Kitchens, we offer a wide range of kitchen models, materials and finishes. Our Italian kitchen cabinets are available in the following styles:

If you are looking for a traditional or transitional American made kitchen, our brand Modiani Custom might work well for you. It is a handcrafted line, where you can choose any color, finish and cabinet door style.

In addition to luxury kitchen cabinets, we also offer walk-in closets and are proud to be the exclusive dealer of Sangiacomo walk-in closets in the tri-state area.

Cesar Maxima Kitchen Design

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Most of our clients choose our Cesar modern kitchen cabinets for their kitchen remodel. These modern, contemporary kitchen cabinets are made in Italy, Europe and are characterized by a very sleek and uncluttered appearance. Many kitchen designers these days tend to use contemporary style kitchens due to their modern, smooth and straightforward approach to design. Another quality of contemporary design is that designers work to create a cohesive look. Usually, large appliances, such as refrigerators, stoves, and ovens, are designed to blend in with the room, rather than to present themselves.

Here are some more characteristics of modern kitchen design:

  • It is very common for contemporary, European kitchen design to design kitchen cabinetry and appliances that feature wood, steel or lacquer.
  • Contemporary design is rarely overly accessorized.
  • Light fixtures are treated as visual centerpieces in contemporary design and are often very artistic in their appearance.
  • Countertops are typically square edged and made of a natural, but modern material. We are proud to be an Elite Retailer of Caesarstone countertops, which are made of the high-quality material quartz.

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

Our traditional kitchen cabinets are available as custom cabinets and semi-custom cabinets. They usually embrace intricate woodworking, hand-crafted elements, antique finishes and styling from the 18th and 19th century. Generally speaking, people think of traditional kitchen cabinets as warm, conventional and inviting. Other words used to describe traditional kitchens are farmhouse, rustic and country style, many of which being very well-designed high-end kitchens.

Traditional kitchens tend to have the following characteristics:

  • It is very common to use natural wood, stone and warm colors in traditional designs.
  • Accessories are usually prevalent, but not quirky and don’t draw too much attention to themselves.
  • Lighting is generally more functional than artistic.
  • Countertops and flooring are usually chosen in neutral or natural color tones.

Cesar Noa Kitchen Cabinets

Transitional Kitchen Cabinets

Transitional kitchen cabinets are often referred to as “crossovers” or “mix and match style”, as designers usually embrace contemporary as well as traditional design elements. A kitchen design may, for example, embrace the stark countertop style of a contemporary design while also working in intricate styling details that would be more characteristic of a traditional design. Transitional kitchen cabinets are a result of the widening interests of kitchen dwellers and their desire to combine the advantages of the modern and traditional kitchen styles.

Modiani Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Our American traditional/transitional high end custom cabinet line is called Modiani Custom. Custom cabinetry is built according to your individual specifications, so if you are looking for a kitchen with specific measurements, custom may be the way to go. We also recommend choosing custom cabinets if you have explicit wishes, are looking for special features or want your kitchen to be unique. Our Modiani Custom cabinet line is typically made of painted, stained or glazed wood and you will usually find yourself working very closely with our designers as each kitchen specification is individually agreed.


“We love Modiani Kitchens! They were very knowledgeable and experienced in kitchen design. We were very pleased with their work.”

- Kathy, New Jersey