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Modiani Kitchens is the exclusive NJ dealer of Cesar Italian modern kitchens. Cesar’s dedication to above-standard kitchen cabinetry goes beyond aesthetics. Since its inception in the 1960’s in Italy, Cesar has been dedicated to defining the latest trends in kitchen ergonomics through a deep study of consumer needs. Our modern Cesar kitchen cabinet projects are designed in-house by our Modiani kitchen design experts who have a dual eye for design and function. Our biggest passion is to create the most functional, innovative and intuitive modern kitchen solutions for your specific kitchen space.

Our Modern Kitchen Models:

Modern Cesar Kitchen Philosophy

Our modern Cesar kitchen cabinetry is constructed with high-end woods, wood finishes, gloss and embossed lacquered finishes, glass, metal, and laminates. Superior quality materials and an attention to design promote longevity. Our modern kitchen cabinetry models are scratch resistant and water repellant and have rounded edges to protect against damage from impact. The sinks are designed to protect against water leaks. The experts at Cesar work closely with Modiani Kitchens to customize Cesar products for Modiani clients. From depth, width and height of cabinets to finishes, materials, and colors, our modern cabinets are custom manufactured to meet the tastes and needs of Modiani’s clients. Each piece is made to order in Cesar’s historical Italian factory by an in-house team that analyzes design, measurements, construction, and quality.

Kitchen Models Replaced by Cesar Maxima 2.2:

Our Most Popular Kitchen Model

Each of our modern kitchen models is available in a variety of custom kitchen cabinet materials, finish, kitchen handle and color options. Our most popular modern kitchen model is our Italian Cesar Maxima 2.2 kitchen as it offers most flexibility and customization options. Whichever of our modern Italian Cesar kitchen models you choose, be aware that Cesar’s workmanship is unprecedented in the kitchen cabinet industry, which is one of the reasons that Modiani Kitchens has always been drawn to Cesar for modern kitchen cabinetry. Have a look at our modern kitchen portfolio to be inspired for your very own kitchen remodel.

Cesar Maxima Kitchen

Modiani Kitchen And Cesar Collaboration

Since Modiani was founded in 2010, our lead designers have worked with the Italian kitchen brand Cesar to create stunning contemporary kitchens using Cesar’s modern cabinetry, all of which is custom made in Italy. Modiani Kitchens is the exclusive dealer of Cesar Italian kitchens in New Jersey, and the designers at Modiani and Cesar share a passion for high-end kitchen materials, attention to detail, and attention to ergonomic design. We chose to work with the high-end kitchen brand Cesar for various reasons. For over fifty years, Cesar has been creating modern kitchen cabinetry in Pramaggiore, Northern Italy. With a focus on contemporary sophistication and advanced functionality, Cesar is a world leader and is an innovator in European luxury kitchen design.

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Leading NJ Kitchen Showroom

Modiani Kitchens is New Jersey’s leading modern custom kitchen designer with a kitchen showroom in Englewood, NJ. Our kitchen design team has over 20 years’ design experience and can come up with your new modern dream kitchen design, which will then be produced in our Italian Cesar kitchen production facility. You can choose from four modern kitchen models, each of which has a variety of color, cabinet finish and other customization options. Feel free to contact us to set up a complimentary kitchen consultation at our boutique style kitchen showroom in Bergen County to discover our kitchen models on display, our wide range of design options and to be inspired for your very own custom kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets In NJ

Modern Kitchen Design Process

Our design team at Modiani Kitchens will take you through the kitchen design process and design your modern dream kitchen according to your wishes and specifications. They will make detailed AutoCAD drawings and renderings, and will incorporate any custom design wishes as well as any desired kitchen layout, kitchen cabinet finishes and materials. Feel free to read our kitchen reviews, to be inspired by our modern kitchen models below as well as our modern kitchen portfolio and to visit our kitchen showroom in Englewood, NJ for a complimentary kitchen consultation and to see our kitchen models on display. Our modern Cesar kitchen cabinetry can be viewed in Modiani’s showroom in downtown Englewood, NJ, where designers are available to help you dream up the possibilities for your new kitchen space by discussing which modern kitchen model may be best for your space, what innovations may help your work flow, and which intuitive design will fit your family’s needs the most.

Italian Gray Kitchen Cabinets NJ

Modern European Kitchen Design

Contemporary cabinet design is often linked to European design, and will often be referred to by designers simply as European-inspired kitchen design. Much of this comparison is in the construction of contemporary designs. European designs tend to embrace faceless cabinetry. In its construction, faceless cabinetry has an appearance that is smooth and uniform. European designs also shy away from space between cabinets and drawers, thus creating a very linear and cohesive appearance. With their linear designs and increased use of space, European, and more specifically Italian kitchen designs, are by and large lauded as highly functional. In fact, some would argue that European design puts functionality over artfulness, but this really is not true. Although many are quick to jump referring to traditional cabinetry as warm and contemporary cabinetry as cold or stark, that evaluation is not necessarily true. Much of the perceived warmth of a design comes from the layout of the cabinetry within the kitchen. Working with a kitchen designer who understands kitchen ergonomics means having a design created that is both functional and appealing to the eye.

Cesar Maxima 2.2 White Cabinets

Increase Of Property Value

The functionality and appearance of the kitchen greatly impact the value of a home. In fact, a kitchen update or redesign is one of the top ways to add to the overall value of your home. However, kitchen projects come with a lot of choices, particularly when it comes to cabinetry. It is a good idea to have some knowledge of typical styles, trends, and functions before you embark upon a kitchen revamp. In luxury kitchen cabinetry, there are two major styles, traditional and contemporary kitchen design. In contrast to traditional cabinets with front-facing designs, intricate hand-carved details, recessed doors, and crown moldings, modern or contemporary kitchen cabinetry is characterized by a sleek, streamlined, modern look with straight lines. Contemporary designs are thought of as highly functional and ultra-modern. Some may even refer to this look as ‘futuristic’, which is a feature that can increase the value of certain modern properties even more.

Cesar Williamsburg, Intarsio & The 50’s Modern European Kitchen

Artful, Functional Contemporary Kitchens

Most modern kitchen designs are created to be highly functional and efficient while also maintaining a stunning visual appearance. Because they are so artful in their design, working with a kitchen designer is a great way to ensure that the installation of these modern cabinets will truly enhance the kitchen space. If you are considering a modern kitchen, it is a good idea to also evaluate how the design will fit into the rest of your home. Contemporary and modern spaces are best when paired with other contemporary and modern design elements. A kitchen designer, like our Modiani kitchen showroom in NJ, can work with you to make sure that you are picking kitchen cabinet colors, styles and cabinets that will complement your existing space.

Cesar Unit Brown Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Modern Kitchen Projects

Watch our short kitchen project promotion video below, to be inspired for your very own contemporary kitchen design. The video features a selection of our modern Italian custom kitchens, all designed by our Modiani kitchen design team in Englewood, NJ. To see more kitchen project videos, feel free to visit and to subscribe t0 our Modiani YouTube Channel, where you can find much more inspiration for your very own modern custom kitchen design.

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