Italian Kitchen Cabinets


Italian Kitchen Cabinets

Italian kitchen design is known the world over for its elegance and natural personality. Below, you’ll find information about the characteristics of high-end Italian kitchen design including the colors, surfaces, design elements, and appliances that are commonly used in Italian kitchen design. At Modiani Kitchens, we work with a luxury Italian kitchen manufacturer called Cesar. Look up their Cesar kitchen catalogs to find out more about the company philosophy, high-quality kitchen models and finish options.

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Italian kitchen design is known for incorporating colors that reflect the natural world of Italy. Colors that reflect the waters, lands, and environments of Italy are often found in Italian kitchen design. Common colors in high-end Italian design include:

  • Terracotta
  • Yellows — gentle in brilliance
  • Bright blues
  • Ocher
  • Burnt Orange

The colors chosen in Italian design are intended to create an atmosphere that is at once relaxing and elegant, much like the land and culture of Italy itself.


For surfaces such as floors, countertops, and backsplashes, many Italian designers tend to embrace natural materials that give the kitchen a very organic feel. Rather than high-gloss granite, it’s more common to see a matte stone or granite countertop. Flooring is often comprised of slate or terracotta.

Cesar Cloe Modern Kitchen Cabinets


Mosaics are very common in Italian, design, particularly in backslashes. Mosaics typically incorporate the colors common in overall Italian design.


Many Italian high-end kitchen designs embrace the natural light, which goes with the overall theme of embracing the landscape and environment of Italy throughout Italian kitchen design. The overall feel of an Italian kitchen is typically light, airy, and bright.

Natural Elements

Beyond surface and lighting decisions, the decor that is used in Italian kitchen design typically works to embrace nature, too. Flowers and plants are very commonly used to decorate surfaces. Exposed wooden beams are commonly found in kitchens as well, which lend themselves to an overall natural feel.

Cesar Elle Italian Kitchen Design

Appliances & Cooking Implements

An Italian kitchen works to celebrate the art of cooking and eating. Therefore, cooking appliances are typically luxurious and are prominently featured. Stainless steel is common in an Italian kitchen. It is also common for cooking tools and implements such as whisks, spoons, spatulas, and other common items to be stored in plain view.

Tuscan and Mediterranean 

Within the general umbrella of Italian design, there are two common approaches — Tuscan and Mediterranean. When it comes to furnishings, for example, a Tuscan kitchen will often embrace very natural materials, such as distressed or repurposed wood for tables and chairs. Mediterranean, conversely, will use bright bold colors and sleek modern design. Overall, Italian kitchens work to strike an atmosphere that is both luxurious and inviting. It is the desire of an Italian luxury kitchen designer to create a space that people feel that they could spend a great deal of time in. Italian kitchens are not meant to be passed through. People are meant to spend time in the kitchen, cooking, mingling, and enjoying one’s company. Just as food and enjoyment are front and center in the Italian culture, so is the focus of an Italian kitchen. The goal is always to create an atmosphere that puts enjoyment first, but that also feels elegant, sophisticated, and beautiful.


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