Modern Kitchen at The Colonnde


With a new year upon us, many are looking ahead to new home renovation projects. One of the most popular home renovation projects in New Jersey of 2018 was kitchen remodeling and redesign. According to the experts, 2019 will be no different. Kitchen remodeling remains the number one project on most homeowners lists, and design is a big part of it. Sure, it’s nice to get new appliances and a new layout, but what we’re really all after is a beautiful new appearance for our most treasured space.

Is re-designing your luxury kitchen on your list for 2019? If so, check out these hot trends hitting the kitchen design world this year so that you can get cooking with your dream kitchen ideas.

Dark, Bold Colors

Former trends in kitchens have involved infusing most surfaces within the space with white or other light colors to drive home brightness. True, diffusing natural light is a major goal of most kitchen designs. However, current trends have big, bold colors being brought into the kitchen, covering up the boring bright whites of yesteryear. Splashes of cobalt blue, deep red, and forest green are being brought into kitchen design via accent walls, design elements, cabinetry, tiles, and more.

Is white totally out? Not necessarily. White may still play a role in high-end kitchens in 2019, either in cabinetry or on some (but probably not all) walls. Splashes of color are finding their way to walls via paint and onto countertop surfaces by way of plates and other design elements like vases and flowers. So white may still stick around (it’s a classic, after all), but as a complement to the big bolds that are being brought in by way of paint and design.

Dark, Bold Countertops

Sticking with the trend above, dark coloring is finding its way to countertops as well. In fact, darker than dark: black! Black granite and quartz are becoming a very popular choice for kitchen countertops. Granite and quartz are both natural materials that offer a wide range of pros, including durability and ease of upkeep. They have both long been a favorite for kitchens, but the ubiquity of black is hotter than hot this year.

Dark colors like black, dark browns and dark grays on countertops work to complement nearly any color scheme, from stark whites to bits of big bold color as this year’s designs are trending.

Display Shelving

Why hide away all that beautiful stemware and all of those beautiful vibrant Fiestaware plates? Current trends have homeowners putting their best and brightest on display, infusing their kitchen space with their belongings as decorations. To make this trend possible, open air shelving is hitting walls in traditional, transitional and modern Italian kitchens everywhere. Shelves installed where closed cabinets would typically be found opens up a wide world of possibility when it comes to displaying your beautiful gadgets in your kitchen.

What types of items are commonly displayed?

  • Pots and Pans
  • Spice
  • Oils & Vinegars
  • Plates
  • Stemware
  • Dried Goods (rice, barley, etc.) in Jars
  • Glasses


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