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Modiani Kitchens has worked with the Italian kitchen cabinet Cesar brand since the Modiani showroom was opened in 2010, and is Cesar’s exclusive kitchen distributor in New Jersey. Modiani’s in-house designers have almost 10 years’ experience designing Italian Cesar kitchens. Cesar offers modern, transitional and traditional Italian kitchen models that are compatible with American consumer requirements and kitchen appliances.

Cesar Company Profile

Cesar is an Italian high-end custom kitchen designer and manufacturer based in Venice, Italy. It is a family run business that was founded in 1969 and has a worldwide presence nowadays. The Cesar HQ has over 800 dealers worldwide including their Flagship Store in New York, Genova and Milan. Their kitchens and vanities are of the highest quality and are available in over 200 finishes as well as a variety of colors and materials including wood, lacquer, glass, stainless steel, ceramic and many more. View Cesar’s range of kitchen models in our Cesar catalog section.

Cesar Art Director

Cesar is known for its unique, award-winning Italian kitchen models. Every year, Cesar launches new kitchen models, finishes and colors that are inspiring and trending in the international kitchen design industry. While Cesar has it’s own Research & Development Department, it heavily relies on its Art Director called Garcia Cumini. They have worked with Cesar for many years and designed stunning kitchen models including The UNIT Kitchen and Cesar’s Williamsburg, Intarsio & The 50’s Kitchen.

Cesar History

Back in the 60s, Cesar started as one of the first businesses in Italy to produce modular, versatile kitchens. Being founded by Vittorio Sante Cester, the business is still run by his children Gina and Dante Cester today. Whilst the style could mostly be classified as traditional in the beginnings, it has much transformed since. As the kitchen sales network was expanded overseas, Cesar widened their offer of luxury kitchen models and focused more and more on creative, customized kitchens that suited their clients’ demands. All of Cesar’s kitchens are produced locally in their production plant in Pramaggiore, Italy on more than 200,000 square foot. Nowadays, Cesar is an international acknowledged and renowned brand that is seen as an innovator and trendsetter across the interior design industry.

Kitchen Products New Jersey

Most of our clients who are interested in an Italian kitchen, choose their kitchen cabinets from our Cesar modern kitchen lines. We also have many clients who fall in love with the Cesar transitional and traditional high-end kitchen models available in the tri-state area. Our senior kitchen designers are here to help and assist in terms of which kitchen style works best for your specific interiors. Once you have chosen your desired kitchen design, please expect a delivery time of fourteen to sixteen weeks, which is the regular production and shipping time of European high-end custom made cabinets.

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