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Our Modiani kitchen showroom in Englewood, NJ is the leading custom kitchen designer across New Jersey and the wider tri-state area. All of the kitchens we design and install are custom made in our Italian kitchen plant in Europe, or locally in Pennsylvania, USA. Learn more about our custom kitchen designs, and meet our kitchen designers who have designed custom kitchens for over 20 years and know how to best meet your custom kitchen desires and requirements.

Cesar Maxima 2.2 Modern Kitchen

Custom Kitchen Design Process

Feel free to visit our section about our custom kitchen design process, where you can learn in a few easy illustrations about the steps involved from the very first kitchen consultation to the final kitchen delivery and installation. As part of the kitchen design process, we will also take measurements of your kitchen space and listen to any of your custom design wishes. Our expert kitchen designers at Modiani Kitchens, NJ will accompany you throughout the whole kitchen design process, so you can make the best possible decisions while benefitting from our expertise and decades of design experience.

Cesar UNIT Red Kitchen By Modiani Kitchens

Customization Elements

Here is an overview of the most common kitchen design elements that our customers at Modiani Kitchens in Englewood, NJ typically wish to customize:

  • Kitchen Cabinets: The decision about the desired kitchen cabinet material, is probably the most important choice, since it will determine the style and overall appearance of our clients’ custom kitchens. The choice of custom cabinet materials, like wood, glass, lacquer or laminate will depend on your taste, but also on your budget, since there are significant differences depending on which and how many kitchen materials you choose. Once, the material choices are made, the finishes, like glossy versus matte, and cabinet color choices can be made, same as the decisions regarding the kitchen layout, the deepness of your cabinets and how you would like to arrange your kitchen triangle, so to make things within your kitchen easy to reach for a seamless flow within your typical kitchen and cooking behaviors.
  • Kitchen Storage Space: Depending on how often and much you cook within your custom kitchen, we will consider extra storage space, through kitchen drawers, pantries, kitchen island storage space or Lazy Suzan kitchen corner design solutions. You want to be sure to know which of these spaces have a mainly functional use, versus shall act as a design element. Depending on the purpose and your wishes, we can choose transparent, exposed kitchen cabinets, shelves and upper cabinets, or use proper non-transparent cabinet doors and design solutions that can be used for spices, plates, bowls, glasses or any other type of kitchen items.
  • Kitchen Features:
    There are a variety of kitchen features that you an use and customize within your kitchen space. These design elements range from the choice of kitchen countertops and backsplashes, to kitchen appliances, handles, storage units, lighting and kitchen flooring. Depending on your kitchen cabinet and storage choices, our designers will be sure to assist you properly with the right kitchen feature choices.
Italian Gray Kitchen Cabinets NJ

Advantages Of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

So why are custom kitchen cabinets trending and becoming more and more popular across NJ? It seems that more and more people enjoy having a unique custom kitchen that fits perfectly into their interior space, and fulfills all of their specific wishes and design needs. Another advantage is the quality and overall appearance of custom cabinets, which is much better than for stock cabinets, almost incomparable in terms of the design and related functional aspects. Investing the time, money and energy in a stunning custom kitchen design also leads to our clients generally spending more time in their beautiful kitchen projects, both alone and with their family and friends. From cooking meals to entertaining guests, we all know how important a beautiful and functional kitchen is and about the joy and satisfaction of being the proud owner of a high-end custom kitchen design.

Cesar Maxima Kitchen Cabinets NJ

Custom Cabinet Categories

Overall, our American and Italian kitchen cabinets at Modiani Kitchens in NJ fall into one of the following two categories:

  1. Custom Kitchen Cabinets: Kitchens that are custom built according to our clients’ specifications. Most of our clients ask us to design custom cabinets for their specific interior spaces, tastes and requirements, making sure they integrate 100% seamlessly into their interior spaces fulfilling all of their custom design requirements.
  2. Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets: Kitchen cabinetry that meets standard specifications of most classic kitchens and offers a range of additional design options in terms of sizing and placement of the kitchen. They are made to meet average specifications that fit most kitchens with certain customization options in terms of sizing and placement. This means that semi-custom, also known as semi-stock kitchen lines may only be available in specific colors or cabinet finishes, or that desired moldings, engravings, cabinet handles or related design elements may only have certain, limited customization options, albeit at a slight cost advantage.
Natural Wood Custom Kitchen Island NJ

Differentiation To Stock Cabinets

In contrast to our custom and semi-custom kitchen cabinets we offer at Modiani Kitchens, there are certain kitchen designers that offer so-called stock cabinetry that is mass produced and doesn’t consider individual kitchen specifications, which is why it is not part of our kitchen offer at Modiani Kitchens. While our custom cabinets at Modiani Kitchens are constructed when ordered and typically hand-crafted, stock cabinets, are pre-made and stored, ready for delivery upon order. Because stock cabinets are considered the more budget-friendly option when it comes to kitchen cabinetry, they are made of materials that are much lower in quality than those used in custom cabinets. Therefore, although custom cabinets may cost more upfront, they are usually a more solid long-term investment. In the opinion of most kitchen designers, custom cabinets are ultimately the best option. Also, a professionally designed kitchen is a huge benefit as far as home value. What do you need for your specific cooking and kitchen needs? Everyone’s different, and one of the best places in the home to create custom features is the kitchen.

Cesar Cloe Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Built According To Your Specifications

Our custom kitchen cabinets are always and without exception built to your individual specifications, which means that our design team takes a special focus on the cabinet sizing, so our designs perfectly integrate into your kitchen space. In stock and semi-stock cabinets, if a piece doesn’t quite fit in your kitchen, a placeholder may be worked into the overall cabinet design process. That placeholder will have the appearance of being a cabinet but will actually be a facade. With custom cabinetry, you will get cabinets that are built for your specific custom interiors, meaning that no space will be wasted. The truth is, when it comes down to it, custom cabinetry is just better made and will have a better overall appearance than stock cabinetry. Installing custom cabinetry will allow you to create more efficiency in your kitchen space and will do wonders for the overall design appearance of the space.

Cesar Ariel Custom Kitchen

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Materials

All of Modiani’s custom and semi-custom kitchen cabinets, which can be explored at our boutique style kitchen showroom in Englewood, NJ are custom made when ordered. They are usually custom produced according to your individual specifications, or may even be hand-crafted, depending on your requirements, both our fully and semi-custom cabinets. In contrast to stock cabinets, which are being mass produced and are hence lower in cost, our custom kitchen cabinets at Modiani Kitchens are of the highest quality, using the best possible kitchen materials and production techniques. These custom kitchen materials typically include high-end cabinet finishes including real wood finishes, like oak, walnut or teak wood, lacquer or ceramic. These kitchen materials can also be combined with different, slightly less costly materials, like glass, steel or laminate either for functional, cost or design purposes. While custom kitchen cabinets usually cost more upfront, they are of higher quality, will suit your design needs better, and tend to be the more solid long-term investment, especially if you are the owner of a high-end property or apartment.

Italian Custom Kitchen Weehawken NJ

Personalized Kitchen Cabinets

As our custom kitchen cabinets are built according to your specifications, we can create kitchen designs, layouts and cabinetry according to your individual wishes and specifications. This means that you will get cabinets that are built for your individual kitchen space, hence perfectly integrating into your space, your habits and desires. The look and feel of a kitchen space is largely defined by the elements that make it up, which are usually the kitchen cabinets, countertop and appliances. For the cabinetry, more so than for the countertop and kitchen appliances, an opportunity exists to create a space with a great deal of character and personality as well as productivity and storage. Your personalized kitchen will be beautiful and fit your specific needs, which will make this all-important space of the house one of your favorite rooms to be in. From cooking meals to entertaining guests, we all know how important a beautiful and functional kitchen is.

Modiani Custom Kitchen Cabinets Water Mill NY

Frameless Vs. Face-Framed Cabinets

Our custom kitchen cabinets at Modiani Kitchens come in two major variations, frameless and face-framed cabinets. Frameless construction cabinets are made individually, like individual boxes, and are situated with a small gap between them. Face-framed cabinets, on the other hand, are set in a wooden frame upon which kitchen cabinet doors are placed. Face-framed cabinets are considered more common in the United States, while frameless cabinets are more characteristic for European style kitchens. Depending on your kitchen cabinet material, finish and design choices, our kitchen designers will be happy to assist you with the right choice of cabinet frames, if any at all.

Cesar N_Elle Kitchen Fenix Laminate

Our Custom Kitchen Offer

We at Modiani Kitchens are dedicated to designing breathtaking luxury kitchens with revolutionary functionality and designs. To achieve this, our kitchen designers at Modiani work with various incredible cabinetry and fixture lines including Cesar Italian Kitchens, our own US made Modiani Handcrafted kitchen line, and a selection of other custom kitchen brands. From depth, width and height of cabinets to finishes, materials, and colors, our kitchen cabinets at Modiani Kitchens are custom manufactured to meet the tastes and needs of our valued Modiani Kitchen clients. Our kitchen designers at Modiani have a passion for our Modiani Handcrafted high-end kitchen materials, attention to detail, and attention to ergonomic design in terms of the handcrafted design and customization options.

Kosher Italian Custom Kitchen Englewood NJ

Italian Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Modiani Kitchens is the exclusive New Jersey dealer of the well-known Italian-made Cesar kitchen cabinetry. Cesar has been a world leader in contemporary Italian kitchen design for over 50 years and has a dual eye on sophisticated beauty and advanced functionality. Cesar cabinets are constructed with high-end woods, wood finishes, gloss and embossed lacquered finishes, glass, metal, and laminates. Superior quality materials and an attention to design promote longevity. Our Italian Cesar kitchen designs are scratch resistant and water repellant, have rounded edges to protect against damage from impact, and their sinks are designed to protect against water leaks. For high-end European-inspired contemporary kitchens, there is no better choice than Cesar. For decades, Cesar has been creating premiere luxury kitchen cabinetry in Pramaggiore, Northern Italy. With a strong focus on contemporary sophistication and advanced functionality, Cesar is a world leader and is an innovator in European kitchen design.

Cesar Elle Italian Simple Kitchen Design

US Made Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Our Modiani Handcrafted kitchen line is a very high-end American traditional-inspired cabinetry line, which is custom made by Modiani Kitchens in our own kitchen factory in Pennsylvania, USA. Modiani Handcrafted is a line of high-end handcrafted traditional and transitional kitchen cabinets that carries our own store branding. Modiani Handcrafted pieces feature handcrafted detail, high-quality construction, and beautiful materials. It offers full flexibility in terms of customization, and the cabinetry is available in a wide range of wood species and is also fully customizable in terms of finishes, colors, and kitchen sizing. For completely customized cabinetry that embraces traditional handcrafted artistry, our US made custom kitchen line Modiani Handcrafted is absolutely wonderful. Modiani Handcrafted cabinets are custom produced in the United States and are constructed specifically for our clients at Modiani, and hence 100% tailored to your needs, styles, and desires.

Transitional White Kitchen Greenwich CT

Next Steps To Your Custom Kitchen

If you have made the decision to purchase custom kitchen cabinetry, you will be working with a kitchen designer to create the kitchen design of your dreams that will fit your individual and personal specifications. This will lead to the first step of the kitchen design process, which always takes individual measurements and specifications of your kitchen into account. This means that a kitchen designer will be walking you through the process, making sure that you are making the best decisions possible for your new custom kitchen design. So what are you waiting for, have a look at our Italian Cesar kitchen line as well as our American made kitchen cabinets, as well as our modern, transitional and traditional kitchen models, and get started with your personalized custom kitchen design today!

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