stainless steel kitchen cabinets

Stainless steel is commonly used in commercial kitchens and is therefore seen by many as a standard in quality when it comes to high-end kitchen design. However, although many families want to incorporate steel into their kitchen, a full on steel setup feels like too much. Many families want to embrace either contemporary or traditional design while also using stainless steel. Can there be a balance?

Stainless Steel Kitchens NJ

The answer, in the opinion of many designers, is yes. Common trends in kitchen design include using steel within a design but not allowing steel to overwhelm. Too much steel can make your home kitchen feel like a corporate kitchen, which is not what most families want. Instead, using steel as a component lets the richness of the steel prevail without taking over.

Some tips for incorporating steel into kitchen design include:

Use Steel Over the Stove

A steel stove hood is a great way to incorporate steel to create a focal point. The combination of a steel hood and a more traditional design can do wonders for creating a rustic country design that still feels sophisticated and modern.


A backsplash is a great way to create a visual focal point in the kitchen, and stainless steel is a perfect material to use as part of the backsplash. Adding this pop of stainless steel again gives a modern, finished look to the kitchen without making the overall space feel industrial or impersonal.

Use Sparingly

Many designers recommend using stainless steel on one aspect of the kitchen design, but not all. If your major appliances are stainless steel, for example, don’t go stainless with the small appliances. The reverse works as well.

Undercut the Sheen

Stainless steel has a cool sheen to it that may register as industrial. However, mixed with other surfaces such as granite, ceramic, or wood, the cold sheen of the stainless steel will have less impact. Warm colors and materials do a particularly good job of balancing out the cold effects of stainless steel.

Use Wood

As previously mentioned, wood does wonders to balance out the cooling effects of stainless steel. Wood is popularly used in conjunction with stainless steel, such as in the case of a wooden stove hood over a stainless steel stove. By integrating stainless steel this way but keeping wood at the center of attention, the steel is able to contribute its rich quality without being too overbearing.


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Dmitri B. - August 2019