Sangiacomo Company Profile

In terms of our Italian walk-in closets at Modiani Kitchens in NJ, we mostly work with the Italian company SanGiacomo. They are an Italian modular furniture company and provide innovative, contemporary custom walk-in closet solutions that suit the US market and can be imported at a great value for money. While the closets are custom made in Italy, our local Modiani Kitchen design team in Englewood, NJ will take you through all steps of the design process, and assist you with the custom drawings and designs.

Italian Walk-In Closet NJ Modiani Kitchens

History Of SanGiacomo

The Italian design firm SanGiacomo was founded in 1968 in a town called Brugnera, in North East Italy. In 1971, they decided to move their production site slightly further south to Cecchini di Pasiano, which is where SanGiacomo’s furniture and walk-in closets are still being produced today with a production plant of over 50,000 square meters. SanGiacomo employs over 200 people and has partnerships with over 1,500 people worldwide in place. Their ambition is to provide unique furniture designs that integrate seamlessly into its clients’ interior spaces. At Modiani Kitchens, we mostly work with their custom walk-in closet models and designs.

Italian Custom Walk-In Closet Modiani Kitchens

Sangiacomo Values

Similar to our Italian kitchen cabinet brand Cesar, SanGiacomo puts a high focus on research and development. Being very distinctive in terms of the aesthetics and functionality of each of their furniture designs, the choice of closet materials and finishes is one of SanGiacomo’s biggest unique selling propositions. We believe that you can see their values – creativity, courage and passion – in each single piece of furniture design. The brand is very proud of its beautiful high-quality product at very competitive prices, especially as part of their philosophy is, to offer great value for money. This principle, in combination with continuous quality and performance improvement is what differentials SanGiacomo from its competitors and in effect results in exceptionally high customer satisfaction.

Sangiacomo Closet Open Drawers NJ

Sangiacomo Walk-In Closets

The Italian SanGiacomo Headquarters is a great fan of simplicity, which is visible in their ideas and design solutions. While SanGiacomo specializes in modular Italian furniture, clients can choose from a variety of sizes, materials and accessories that are customizable. SanGiacomo produces a variety of furniture lines, all visible in the SanGiacomo Online Catalog. We at Modiani Kitchens, have decided to focus on their walk-in closets as these can be combined in a beautiful way with our high-end Italian Cesar kitchens. Arrange an appointment with our in-house design team today or simply walk in to our Modiani design showroom in Englewood, NJ to find out more about SanGiacomo’s walk-in closets, which we currently have on display there.



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