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New York City is a city of small spaces. Many high-end city kitchens are small, and some are set up in ways that aren’t exactly desirable at first glance. However, there are many approaches one can take toward updating a small kitchen space, even if you don’t have too much space to work with. Our Modiani kitchen designers are here to assist and to give you the best possible tips and advise regarding your new kitchen layout, style and design.


Pay attention to the lighting in your custom kitchen space. Though many people think a lot about the lighting in the living room, the lighting in the kitchen is often overlooked. Smart lighting can add atmosphere to your kitchen, making it more pleasant and ultimately functional.

New, Fresh Appliances

One way to quickly update the functionality of a kitchen is to purchase new appliances for the space. Newer appliances are energy efficient and tend to have plenty of features that work to make your life easier. Additionally, new appliances can breathe new life into a small space by creating a cohesive look across the kitchen. In a small kitchen, logically the appliances are going to take up the majority of the room’s space. Therefore, installing sleek appliances — such as stainless steel — can help to create a continuous and neat look within the kitchen.

Using a built-in oven rather than a freestanding one, while installing a range in the island or a countertop, will help to create a look that is less cluttered. Clutter is one of the biggest issues in a small kitchen space. Anything you can do to create sleek lines that are uncluttered will help to make the kitchen feel bigger and more functional.

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Counter space is the number one thing that a seasoned cook looks for, whether it’s a modern luxury kitchen or more traditional style custom kitchen. In a small kitchen, you should make work surfaces anywhere where there aren’t appliances. One design tip that can really help the small kitchen owner is to design deeper counters and cabinets, giving you more space to work.

Countertops come in a variety of materials, each with their own characteristics when it comes to style and price. On the higher end of the pricing spectrum, granite, marble, and stainless steel have long been kitchen favorites. Laminate is a more budget friendly option, and it’s also highly customizable — it comes in a range of colors, making it suitable for many different kitchen spaces.


When you are planning the layout of your small kitchen, incorporate as much storage as you can. This may mean really thinking about what needs to be stored and how you can creatively make use of the space so that you get the most out of it.

Planning your storage is important, too:

  • Store plates and glasses in a cabinet near the dishwasher, so it’s easy to put things away.
  • Store larger items such as pans, cookie sheets, and pots in large slide-out drawers near the stove

Many homeowners also like to create easy storage for sometimes-used appliances such as the toaster and mixer. Another popular idea is adding special storage for loose food items such as onions and potatoes


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