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Are you considering to redesign your kitchen, and are you thinking of hiring a professional kitchen designer to do so? If so, here a few great and tried kitchen design tips for your very own custom kitchen design.

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Embrace Personality

The kitchen is, for many homeowners, is the heart of the home and the place where all operations take place. It is where the family comes together, where guests mingle before a dinner party, where food is prepared, and where homework is being completed. Given the many functions that the kitchen is tasked with, it makes sense to design a kitchen that is warm and inviting and that has some personality.

Size Doesn’t (Always) Matter

Many people assume that bigger is better when it comes to a custom kitchen, but this isn’t necessarily true. The most important thing about a kitchen is probably the kitchen layout. You want to place elements in the kitchen so that work is easy to accomplish within in. A small kitchen can be an ergonomically functional kitchen so long as the design is well-planned.

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Height Helps

Particularly in smaller kitchen spaces, allowing cabinets to extend up to the ceiling can give off the appearance that the room is bigger than it actually is. Allowing kitchen cabinetry to extend upwards also has the added benefit of giving you more room for storage, which can be a huge benefit, in a small kitchen in particular.

Space Within Your Kitchen

On the other hand, try not to put as much storage in the kitchen that everywhere you look is another storage space. You want some room and space to breathe, both visually and literally, in your custom kitchen design. Leaving some areas unadorned will allow for a more open feeling in the interior and kitchen space overall and will help you to feel less cluttered or encumbered when you are working in the kitchen area.

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Sometimes, Simplicity Speaks

Though not everyone loves the look of a stark modern kitchen design, too many design details can cause an overload to the senses. If you are embracing a more detail-oriented traditional style kitchen, still air on the side of caution when it comes to infusing the kitchen with too much to look at. Using common color themes and materials can help to lessen the blow of overwhelm on the eyes. It is possible to infuse the kitchen with a great deal of detail without overwhelming the eye — it is just a matter of knowing when to hold back and when to add just a little bit more.

It Is Okay To Conceal Kitchen Appliances

You can use kitchen cabinetry to cover up some of the more “kitcheny” aspects of your kitchen. Adding paneling to a refrigerator to conceal its appearance, for example, can give the kitchen a look that is overall more homey and warm. Though many people think that stainless steel is the way to go for all kitchen appliances, hiding them behind some wood can actually do a great deal to warm the room up. Too much stainless steel can, if done improperly, give off too sterile an appearance, which isn’t necessarily appropriate for every type of room.

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Quality Matters

When you are choosing your custom kitchen cabinetry, embrace solid, good construction kitchen cabinets. Not only will they last longer, but they will give your kitchen an appearance of richness and longevity. If you need more design tips for your custom kitchen design or would like to benefit from a complimentary in-showroom kitchen consultation, feel free to reach out to our kitchen showroom in Englewood, NJ anytime.


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