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Kitchen tile should be able to withstand years of being stood upon, stomped on, scuffed, scraped and, if kids are involved, the brute beatings inflicted by large, sturdy toys manipulated by equally sturdy pre-schoolers. However, kitchen tile should also enhance the aesthetics of your luxury kitchen by adding color, design, and ambiance. So what do you look for when choosing kitchen tile that is durable but simultaneously beautiful.

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5 Things to Think about When Determining the Best Tile for your Kitchen

  • Decide how much you have to spend. Linoleum and vinyl tiles are less expensive than ceramic tiles that are custom designed to your specifications. Other kinds of tile materials include stone, cork, quarry, porcelain and even bamboo.
  • Is your American or Italian high-end kitchen the main hub of your household or is it only invaded at dinnertime? For families that use the kitchen for everything but taking a bath, consider resilient tile over tile that contains intricate designs or can be easily chipped and cracked.
  • Does a spill occur every 30 seconds in your kitchen? If so, opt for kitchen floor tile that has texture or a slightly elevated pattern to prevent slips and falls. Limestone or clay tile is both elegant and safe to walk on when set. After it has been fired, the tile gives the appearance of natural stone, which blends well in kitchens exhibiting a rustic, farm-style design.
  • Tile incorporated with cork is resistant to moisture, versatile and durable while also capable of reducing the impact of noisy, playful toddlers. For homes that have shift workers who sleep during the day, cork tile may be one way to decrease daytime bedlam.
  • Although you may love that dark, faux-wood tile you saw in the catalog, stop and consider the size of your traditional or modern luxury kitchen before you begin laying it down. Small kitchens will look even more claustrophobic with dark floor tile and can inhibit the ability to properly illuminate the kitchen. If you want your kitchen to seem more spacious, pick a lighter color that blends with any backsplash or counter tile you may already have in your kitchen.

Speaking of tile for your backsplash, unless you plan to renovate your entire high-end kitchen, you will have to consider the color and material of your cabinets to implement perfect tiles just meant for your kitchen. Be careful about too-dramatic color contrasts that may cause your kitchen to look asymmetrical or disconnected as well as the size of the tile cut. Large-cut tile may overpower a kitchen while too-small cut tile makes for an overly eager, somewhat irritating backsplash.

For professional advice and suggestions, talk to one of our Modiani in-house kitchen designers about what kind of tile you should use to achieve the distinctive look and functionality you want in your kitchen.


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