Kitchen NJ In Natural Wood


After choosing the kitchen appliances for your new kitchen, you will have to decide what kind of kitchen furniture you would like to have in your kitchen. The most talked about kind of kitchen furniture are of course the kitchen cabinets. The variety of cabinets available today is nothing short of astounding, ranging from simple, traditional maple wood cabinets to modern kitchen cabinets offering brass legs.

Kitchen NJ In Natural Wood


Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets come in three fundamental types – “custom” made cabinetry, semi-custom cabinetry and production cabinetry that is made in factories and sold in pre-determined styles. Providing the greatest visual impact in a kitchen, cabinets need to be functional with regards to storage space and accessibility as well as durable and resistant to environmental effects particular to kitchens. Depending on the value of your home and your budget, you also want to make sure that your cabinetry will last for a long period of time. While some production cabinetry may need to be replaced after a couple of years, custom made kitchens may last up to 20+ years, depending on the brand and kitchen cabinet finish you choose. Besides the functional aspects, you also want to make sure that the aesthetics of your new kitchen are in line with your personal preferences and style, and while semi-custom or production cabinets may seem like the cheaper option initially, be sure that the kitchen cabinets chosen perfectly integrate with your existing kitchen space, which is always the case when choosing a fully custom kitchen.

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Kitchen Islands

If you are looking for more storage or counter space in your kitchen, and your kitchen space is large enough, gracing it with a beautifully handcrafted traditional or modern kitchen island can satisfy your functional and aesthetic needs. Most traditional kitchen islands are made from butcher block wood that has been stained and sealed to prevent damage, with options such as towel bars, pull-out partial counters, and casters for mobility purposes. In terms of modern kitchen design, you can pretty much choose from any desired kitchen material and finish for your kitchen island, either the same as used for your modern base, wall and tall cabinetry, or a completely new kitchen island finish to make your island stand out more by forming a nice contrast.

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Bar Stools And Chairs

For kitchens with long or deep kitchen countertops, or integrated kitchen or work tables, bar stools and chairs are available in various types of wood and metal. They often come equipped with cushions made from leather, suede or easier to clean, high-grade leather/plastic combinations. At Modiani Kitchens, we have a variety of designer stools and seats on display, about which you can learn more during your next kitchen showroom visit.

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Kitchen Carts

Larger, busy luxury kitchens often need a charming, portable kitchen cart to hold items necessary to create a sumptuous meal without anyone needing to get up and down from the dining table. Available in all sizes, kitchen carts can also be used as outdoor barbecue accessories or for other entertaining purposes.

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Baker Racks

Originally made from metal or wrought iron and having shelves on which bakers placed their goods to cool, baker’s racks are now a type of ornamental kitchen furniture designed to hold wine bottles or decorative items meant to enhance a kitchen’s ambiance. Whenever desired by our clients, our Modiani design team makes sure to include baker racks in the initially proposed kitchen design draft.

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Kitchen Buffets

Elegant and stunningly artistic, kitchen buffets transform medium to larger kitchens into the masterpiece of the home. Buffets with granite tops offer great places on which to work and can safely display your most valuable dinnerware or kitchen heirlooms. With flair and beauty, and as you can see in our online kitchen portfolio, natural wood kitchen buffets also provide extra space and storage without compromising the style of your kitchen.

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Pot Racks

Pot racks allow full-time cooks to hang their pots and pans from the kitchen side wall or ceiling for easy access and aid in keeping the kitchen organized. Pot racks lend an open, spacious air to the kitchen and also move clockwise and counterclockwise to facilitate finding just the right pot or pan without spending time digging through drawers full of utensils.

Accessorize your newly renovated kitchen with unique and functional kitchen furniture to add that personal touch to which you have always wanted to enhance your kitchen.


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