• KITCHEN CABINETS: Cesar Maxima 2.2 Modern Kitchen Model
  • CABINET FINISHES: White high gloss bianco glass kitchen finish
  • ARCHITECT:Niall Cain / NCC Studio

Abundant natural light was embraced in this airy, spacious new kitchen in Leonia, NJ. Here, lead designer and Modiani Kitchen showroom owner Kobi Aharon used Cesar’s Maxima 2.2 kitchen model in a high gloss white finish, with Bianco glass on the wall cabinet. The result of the light colors with natural sunlight is a stunning, bright, inspiring space that makes full use of the wide, spacious kitchen windows while ultimately remaining a productive area where work can unfold.

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This stunning contemporary kitchen is a great example of our plentiful of collaborations with NJ architects. On this project, we worked with Niall Cainn from NCC Studio, who took care of the architectural design of this modern home in Leonia, New Jersey.

Despite the openness of this modern kitchen and the amount of windows within it, it has a great deal of storage space in both base and wall cabinets. Storage is one of the most important defining characteristics of any of our contemporary kitchen projects at Modiani Kitchens, which is part of a movement that is noted for its lack of clutter and its embrace of clean, uninterrupted surfaces. In a modern kitchen, every kitchen appliance and implement has a place, many out of view.

The residence that this kitchen is located within was a prototypical suburban home that was converted to a contemporary showcase, with a particularly large and open space to the rear of the home. The kitchen design was intended to embrace the homeowner’s lifestyle, which includes a lot of entertaining. The kitchen was purposefully designed to make it a great space for hosting pool parties.

In addition to facilitating entertaining, the owner’s preferences were worked in through use of an oak wall covers, a nod to the owner’s love for ZEN influences and the practices of yoga and meditation. Also, in the natural realm, an exposed metal stand in the center of the kitchen was left exposed and incorporated into the modern kitchen island. It is a visual touchstone that draws the mind toward nature and is also a nod toward the more modern, due to its industrial feel. Kitchen appliances by the German appliance manufacturer Gaggenau were used throughout this kitchen. The kitchen countertops are Caesarstone, and Cesar cabinets were used throughout the interiors in the Cesar Maxima 2.2 kitchen model.

Photographer © Wing Wong, Memories TTL


“We just completed our kitchen renovation and
the outcome is absolutely stunning!”

Dmitri B. - August 2019