• KITCHEN CABINETS: Cesar Maxima 2.2 Modern Kitchen Model
  • CABINET FINISH: Gray oak wood kitchen finish

This Chelsea kitchen in Manhattan, New York City, as created by our head designer and Modiani co-owner Kobi Aharon, was in its original design, a very straightforward city-style galley luxury kitchen. However, our kitchen client wanted more design expression than a straightforward galley design could offer. To achieve a highly designed, beautiful, and open modern kitchen, our Modiani kitchen design team worked on the room and interiors in a way that one wall was being removed, hence opening the space up to the living space in the home and totally changing the style of this custom kitchen. This also allowed a direct view of the TV in the living room during cooking. There was also another TV installed right above the kitchen island to offer two options of watching TV while spending time in the kitchen.

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To achieve a highly styled and beautiful look in this contemporary kitchen project, our Modiani kitchen showroom employed attractive kitchen cabinet materials and stone elements in the overall design of the interior space. The main kitchen finish used for the modern kitchen cabinetry is gray oak wood, which has a simplistic yet stylish effect on the overall open kitchen and interior space. The kitchen model used for this residential kitchen is from our Italian Cesar kitchen line, where Modiani Kitchens has been the exclusive distributor across NJ and certain parts of the tri-state area for 10 years. The kitchen model used is Cesar’s most popular and commonly used Maxima 2.2 kitchen model, which allows for maximum customization options as well as a high degree of flexibility in design.

As the apartment itself was not expansive, the use of particularly lavish materials in the kitchen emphasized some dramatic effects in the overall design even more. The romantic atmosphere of this contemporary kitchen project is achieved through a coupling of well-designed direct and indirect kitchen lighting and the use of gray, white, and black hues for the kitchen cabinetry and other design elements. In terms of the kitchen appliances, these are made of stainless steel and it was decided to leave them openly exposed, so that they can become part of this modern kitchen design, with the huge refrigerator standing out most of them all. Besides this, the peninsula has thicker than normal kitchen countertops, which are two inches thick. This gives the counter a monolithic island-like look rather than the peninsula that it actually is.


“We just completed our kitchen renovation and
the outcome is absolutely stunning!”

Dmitri B. - August 2019