• CABINETS: Cesar
  • FINISH: Gray Oak
  • DESIGNER:Kobi Aharon

This Chelsea kitchen in Manhattan was, in its original design, a very straightforward city-style galley luxury kitchen. The client wanted more design expression than the straightforward galley design offered. To achieve a highly designed, beautiful, and open modern kitchen, Modiani designed the room so that one wall was removed, opening the space up to the living space in the home and totally changing the style of the kitchen.

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To achieve a highly styled and beautiful look in this kitchen, Modiani employed attractive materials and stone elements in the overall design of the space. Because the apartment itself was not expansive, using particularly lavish materials in the kitchen emphasized the drama in the design even more. The romantic atmosphere of the kitchen is achieved through a coupling of well-designed lighting and the use of grays, whites, and blacks. The peninsula has thicker than normal counters, which are two inches thick. This gives the counter a monolithic island-like look rather than the peninsula that it actually is.


“We are really thrilled with our kitchen. We love the quality of the cabinets, both on the exteriors and interiors.”

Debbie Berger, August 2018