• KITCHEN CABINETS: Cesar Maxima 2.2 Modern Kitchen Line
  • CABINTE FINISHES: White matte light lacquer and dark oak wood kitchen finishes

This modern Italian kitchen, which is located in a condo in the upscale suburban neighborhood of Mahwah, NJ, is within an open concept kitchen and living area that is very creative and artistic. The design was suggested by our kitchen designer Bernard Kim, and the open concept configuration was created by removing a wall between the living area and kitchen. The homeowner works in the design industry and has an arts and graphic design background, so an embrace of bold, colorful design elements feel natural for the space and were hence nicely incorporated wherever possible.

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With the kitchen and the living area co-mingled, this high-end residential kitchen needed to provide complementary design elements to the creative living space while still ultimately remaining functional. Our Modiani kitchen designer Bernard Kim used our Italian Cesar Maxima 2.2 kitchen system, for which Modiani Kitchens has exclusive dealership rights across New Jersey. In this custom kitchen, to create a light, minimalistic look, our design team suggested to work with a matte finish white lacquer kitchen material, in combination with dark oak kitchen shelves to create a subtle, elegant contrast. To create an enhance effect of these beautiful kitchen design choices, lighting spots were integrated into the kitchen’s ceiling, which beautifully lighten up the kitchen in the evenings and during social gatherings at night.

The kitchen countertop used for this contemporary kitchen project was provided by Sapienstone in a porcelain countertop finish with 2-inch built up edges, creating a dramatic visual effect and a nice strong contrast due to the use of a dark gray countertop material. The kitchen features a 10-foot long kitchen island with a range hood, a sink, and four seating options, which are very modern and stylish design stools made of stainless steel. Prior to this redesign and remodel, the kitchen installed was in a traditional style design and layout. The use of our Italian high-end Cesar kitchen line hence led to an incredible design and functional upgrade, not only of the kitchen and living room space, but of the overall home. What additionally makes this kitchen unique is that it is visible from all spots from the ground floor and even from the second level due to the open design concept.


“We just completed our kitchen renovation and
the outcome is absolutely stunning!”

Dmitri B. - August 2019