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Bernard Kim

Kitchen Designer

Bernard is a graduate of the New York School of Interior Design and has been serving the high-end kitchen and home design industry for over 20 years. Bernard has worked for Modiani Kitchens since 2012 and believes that the power of excellent design positively influences daily life. From conceptual start to completion, he will professionally walk you through every single step of the design process, using his wide knowledge and talents. With a well-trained eye for trends, qualities, craftsmanship and furnishings, he brings you timeless, fresh and enjoyable design solutions. Bernard will treat you with great care and attention to detail on the journey to your beautiful happy home. In his leisure time, he enjoys cooking, camping and family time in his beautiful home.

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Customer Reviews:

“Bernard and Modiani Kitchens are incredible. To say they provide professional service and exceptional products is an understatement. If you’re looking for the best in kitchen cabinets then go to Modiani Kitchens today. Amazing work and service.”
Warren, April 2020

“Bernard was our designer and has done an exceptional job from the new kitchen design and to coordination of installation from start to finish.”
Jae, March 2019

“Bernard was so easy to work with and really incorporated our lifestyle and wishlists into the layout. We have received so many compliments on our beautiful new kitchen. Excellent experience!!!”
Theresa, October 2018

“Bernard made the process of picking the right kitchen easy, by asking few simple questions as to the type, color, finish, appliances and narrowed it down to just few ideas.”
Rafal, October 2018

“We met with Bernard Kim, kitchen design specialist, that first day and were impressed with his professionalism. Listened intently. Supplied his opinion when prompted, not before. Light-touch, no pressure to make a sale.”
Bob, October 2017

“Bernard Kim, kitchen designer at Modiani made this process painless, and enjoyable. Everything he promised, he delivered, the kitchen was even completed on time. Very professional!”
Elizabeth, December 2016

“Bernard is most knowledgeable, professional and excellent project manager. He has the ability to simplify and streamline the complex project and help to put me at ease throughout the entire project.”
Luninda, March 2015

“Bernard is experienced and knowledgeable in the kitchen designs. Most importantly, he shows excellent professionalism and courtesy on all our encounters., from room space, styles, selection, execution, and after sales services, Bernard is the man you should go to.”
Mei, January 2015

“It was a joy to work with him, he was always kind and amicable in every respect. I would recommend anybody who wants to renovate their kitchen or create a new kitchen to work with Bernard and Modiani Kitchens.”
Hayne, November 2014

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“We just completed our kitchen renovation and
the outcome is absolutely stunning!”

Dmitri B. - August 2019