Cesar Kitchen Island NJ


In today’s day and age, the kitchen is more than where mom spends time prepping dinner. Instead, the luxury kitchen is a space where everyone comes together. The kitchen is often used for cooking as well as dining. Additionally, family members will often use the kitchen as a place to do homework or spend time on computers or tablets. The kitchen is also the space where guests often gather before a dinner party, mingling with the host and enjoying the process of watching the food be prepared.

If your kitchen is outdated, there are several different ways that you can work toward making the kitchen the heart of your home.


Countertops are a very important part of the kitchen. They provide the workspace for the chef, and they largely dictate the overall look and feel of the kitchen. Popular natural countertop materials include granite, slate, marble, soapstone, and man-made materials including laminate.


Aside from countertops, the custom kitchen cabinets you choose for your kitchen is hugely important in defining the overall character of the space. Depending on what type of cabinets you install, the cabinets may actually be the thing that takes up the most wall space in the kitchen. Therefore, it’s important to approach cabinets with an eye for style. The cabinets will define the overall style of your entire kitchen. Do you want traditional? Modern? Sleek? Intricate? Dark? Light? American? European Style Kitchen Cabinets? Knowing what you want the overall kitchen to feel like will help you to best decide what type of cabinets to work into the space.


Although we use the kitchen for a wide range of activities, the most important thing that we do in the kitchen is still cooking. It’s important to have updated appliances in the kitchen. Modern appliances are energy efficient and have features that will work for you. If your kitchen needs a quick update, installing new appliances are a great way to quickly bring the quality of your kitchen up.


When you are designing a high-end kitchen remodel, think about what types of things that you and your family use the kitchen for most, and let yourself embrace features that will serve what you need. Does your family like to grab a quick breakfast in the kitchen, but you all tend to prefer having dinner in the formal dining room? If so, a breakfast nook may be an appropriate addition to your space. If you do a lot of work on the computer in the kitchen, having an area that’s safely away from where food prep occurs (particularly where liquids may be involved) where the computer can be set up is a great idea. Another modern idea for the kitchen is to include a special charging station for small electronics.


In addition to the kitchen layout, there are several ways that you can customize the kitchen so that it works best for you. Custom cabinet and drawer solutions include special spice racks in a drawer for easy browsing, particular heights for cabinets that are better for the short chef, and special storing stations for loose items such as potatoes and onions


“We just completed our kitchen renovation and
the outcome is absolutely stunning!”

Dmitri B. - August 2019