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Feng shui is a kind of “energy” science developed in China and believed to be 3000 years old that asserts the existence of positive and negative energy forms. In particular, Feng shui emphasizes the way space is used in regards to placement of furniture and other items. Based on Taoist philosophies, Feng shui also focuses on the binding energy of nature, or Chi, that is responsible for good physical and emotional health.

modern kitchen cabinets

People who stand by the efficacy of Feng shui decorate their high-end kitchens in accordance with its principles. Some of these principles include:

Since the cook is considered the main player in the kitchen, he or she should always be viewed from an authoritarian position while using the stove. Hanging a large mirror or other reflective items over the stove enhances the beneficial power of the cook and corrects functional problems that do not allow the cook to be seen clearly in the kitchen from outside the kitchen.

Increasing positive Chi in the kitchen can also be accomplished by placing a cooking modern kitchen island in the middle of the kitchen. This cooking island can be a stove/microwave combination, a flat grill-type range or any other cooking appliance applicable to the needs of the cook. In addition, the open space afforded by a cooking island allows the Feng shui of the kitchen to flow without interruption.

Since Feng shui emphasizes the natural symmetry and harmony of nature, kitchens decorated using Chi principles should have freshly cut flowers, bowls of fresh fruit and plants decorating tables, counters, and windowsills. Various shades of yellow are said to be good Feng shui choices as it is supposed to enhance digestion and the ability to enjoy your food.

modern kitchen cabinets

Feng shui practitioners do not advocate the use of fluorescent lights because they are unpleasantly bright and tend to flicker randomly, causing headaches, eyestrain and even high blood pressure. Integrate as much natural lighting into your luxury kitchen as possible during the day and rely on non-fluorescent illumination in the evening.

Round tables facilitate the flow of Chi more readily than square or rectangular dinner tables. Tables or kitchen island made of tan or yellowish-colored woods are said to help improve positive energy at mealtimes and bring functionality and happiness to your kitchen.

The one thing that Feng shui practitioners absolutely dislike is clutter! De-cluttering your kitchen should be the first step in renovating your kitchen to conform to Feng shui principles. Throwing away old, tarnished pots and pans or appliances that are half-broken is further recommended since the negativity of these items draws the positive Chi energy out of the kitchen.


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