• CABINETS: Cesar
  • FINISH: Teak Wood Veneer
  • DESIGNER:Kobi Aharon

This home in Fort Lee, NJ is a contemporary style penthouse. The clients desired a minimalist appearance in the kitchen while keeping it very functional at the same time. Art in the kitchen space was of great importance to the clients, which needed to be accommodated by a lack of wall cabinet units on most walls.

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To maximize storage space while maintaining the minimalist appearance that the clients desired for most walls, all storage units were relegated to one wall. This meant that the refrigerator and stove units had to go on one wall which also needed to hold all of the wall cabinets that were going to exist in the entire space.

To address this challenge, Modiani Kitchens designed one tall cabinet unit that is able to function efficiently enough that it is a solid replacement for multiple wall cabinets throughout the kitchen. The storage unit features space for a pantry as well as spaces for plates and cups. The unit also features a combination of pull out steady shelves, making it possible to move the shelves for added convenience and access to items.

Additionally, the clients extended the teak wood that Modiani used to style the contemporary kitchen into the study room in the home. To create an especially impressive look in the study room, Modiani employed 1.5-inch panels for the shelves, which is twice as thick as shelving for an office would typically be. This thickness creates a perceived elegance that complemented the rest of the penthouse.

Photographer © Peter Rymwid


“I have nothing but high praise of the quality of
work that Modiani Kitchen offers to its customers.”

Jae K. - March 2019