Contemporary Kitchen In Franklin Lakes NJ By Modiani


Your kitchen desperately needs a makeover. In fact, you are having nightmares about strangers barging into your home and telling you in no uncertain terms: “This kitchen looks awful!” So where do you begin?

modern kitchen

Step 1)

Unless you have a definite picture of the kind of kitchen you want, start looking at pictures of different kitchen styles and save the ones you like on your computer. After you have accumulated about 20 images, go back and eliminate the ones you don’t really “love”. Do this a few times until you have that one kitchen picture you want to use as a template for your newly remodeled kitchen.

Step 2)

Think about how your kitchen is used, i.e., how often do you cook there, how many people regularly gather in the kitchen, would you benefit from having a bar installed? How about a modern or traditional luxury kitchen island? Do you want to keep your old appliances or invest in modern, state of the art flat ranges or energy-saving refrigerators?

Step 3)

Find an established and reputable kitchen remodeling agency to help you select materials, determine optimal dimensions to facilitate kitchen functionality and work out any problems that may arise before, during and after the project. Expert kitchen renovators also provide inside knowledge concerning permits, contracts, ordering materials and budgeting your project so you get the best results for the amount you have to spend.

modern kitchen

Step 4)

Meet with your renovators to discuss floor plans, cabinet sizes and the general layout of the kitchen you want. Although you are probably excited about what the finished kitchen will look like, try to stay focused on the planning aspect, which fundamentally determines the final appearance of your kitchen.

Step 5)

Choose the components of your kitchen. These include cabinet design, sink fixtures, light fixtures, color and style of flooring and countertop material. This step may take you several days but don’t rush through it–what you order and have installed is what you will end up with for a long time!

Step 6)

Finalize schematics with your renovators and organize any paperwork you need to be completed before actually beginning the remodeling process.

Step 7)

Are you planning to remain in your home during the reconstruction process? If so, prepare ahead of time for dining out, grilling on the patio (if it is summer) or living somewhere else temporarily to avoid the noise and chaos altogether. Also, be aware that family members with dust allergies may not be able to reside in the home during remodeling.

Step 8)

Stop in and see how your kitchen is progressing each day. Stay in touch with contractors to ensure everything is progressing smoothly and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

modern kitchen

Step 9)

A day or two before your new luxury kitchen is finished, consult with everyone involved with the project to ask if there are any unexpected problems or if there is anything you need to know about the kitchen that may have turned out slightly different from the original schematics. Sometimes a cabinet corner or appliance may not fit exactly as planned and contractors may have to readjust dimensions and materials to create the seamless appearance everyone wants.

Step 10)

The mess is cleaned up, the remodeling is finished – now enjoy your brand new kitchen!


“We just completed our kitchen renovation and
the outcome is absolutely stunning!”

Dmitri B. - August 2019