Modern Kitchen Remodel The Hamptons NY


If you are planning a kitchen remodel, there are several questions that you should ask yourself before you begin so that you are able to most efficiently create your vision for the space. Being honest with yourself about these simple points will lead to a strong sense of what you need and will ultimately bring you the most long-term happiness.

modern kitchen remodel

What do YOU need in YOUR lifestyle? 

Those caps weren’t a mistake. No, we’re not yelling — it’s just important to remember that this is your luxury kitchen. You can read article after article about what’s right for other people, but when it comes down to it, what do you need? Do you use the kitchen for cooking often, or do you eat out most nights? Do you host dinner parties where you’d like to be able to host and prepare simultaneously? Do you often like to do work in the kitchen, or do the kids do their homework there? Knowing how you use the kitchen is a great way to delineate what you need to include in your kitchen remodel in NJ.

Where does the most natural light come from?

Because kitchen walls are often taken up with a lot of custom kitchen cabinetry, wherever you can get natural light, you should embrace it. Be aware of where your kitchen windows are and how you can make the most of the natural light that streams through them in the morning and daytime hours. If you are having a new home built, keep this at the forefront of your mind when you’re planning where the kitchen will be situated in the house and where windows will be placed within it. South-facing windows will get the most consistent daylight throughout the day.

modern kitchen remodel

Where do you park your car? 

This is one that many homeowners totally over look, and it’s actually an important point. Getting groceries to the kitchen is an important feat. A kitchen with a doorway to the outdoors can be particularly useful.

What types of safety features do you need? 

Does your home have children in it, or is it just two retired adults? Do grandchildren often visit? Depending on who uses your high-end kitchen cabinets and who might find themselves in the kitchen, you’ll want to incorporate a range of safety features into the kitchen. Areas that need the most safety attention are:

  • Where are the controls for the stove? Dials on the front of the stove may look nice, but if you have little ones in the home, putting them to the back is a better idea.
  • Where are knives kept? They should always be kept to the back of the counter, out of the reach of children. Better yet, consider installing a knife storage area inside a cabinet that you can reach comfortably but the children cannot.
  • All toxic chemicals should be kept far away from where the children can access them. If you need to keep cleaning solutions in a cabinet that is at floor level, be sure to install child safety locks to keep the children out of the cabinets.


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