Modern Kitchen Design


  • CABINETS: Cesar Maxima 2.2
  • FINISHES: Grey Laminate, White Glass
  • DESIGNER:Kobi Aharon

This kitchen in Colonnade, NJ features the challenge of many New York properties – the galley-style kitchen lacks width. Here, Modiani was challenged to create the feeling of as much width and openness as possible without being able to make too many drastic structural changes to the space.

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One entry wall was demolished to enhance openness in the space, which is also boosted by the L-shaped bar at the end of the kitchen, drawing the kitchen space out of the galley itself and using some would-be underutilized living space as part of the kitchen. Two rows of high-end kitchen cabinets, each one 19 inches high, work to draw the eye upwards and away from the narrowness of the area. A close attention to design lines also works to enhance the visual width of the kitchen.

For the design, an existing brick wall in the space is embraced and enhanced by the use of laminate paired with white glass panels. The same white glass is brought into the backsplash. The overall structure and layout of the kitchen space were totally updated, enhancing ergonomics and making the kitchen inviting for entertaining guests.

Photographer © Wing Wong, Memories TTL


“I have nothing but high praise of the quality of
work that Modiani Kitchen offers to its customers.”

Jae K. - March 2019