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When it comes to the kitchen design process, there are two major styles that you must choose between: traditional and modern. Traditional kitchen design is characterized by intricate details, the use of warm natural material such as stone and wood, and an overall timeless or country-inspired feeling. Contemporary or modern design, on the other hand, embraces a very sleek, modern look that incorporates polished surfaces and a minimalistic approach.

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By its very nature, contemporary design is meant to feel as though it is cutting edge and of the times. Unfortunately, this means that contemporary design is not timeless. Within about ten years of installation, many modern or contemporary designs begin to feel dated. This is particularly true in do-it-yourself contemporary approaches. Professional designers work to curb this effect by layering texture, color, and style elements to create a look that is contemporary in its feel but is not so modern that it will quickly become outdated.

Similarly, by its very nature, traditional design is meant to feel timeless and therefore, in many ways is. Traditional design works to embrace styles that have long been popular in the United States and often has a rural-inspired feel. Due to the use of wood and stone in traditional designs, these kitchens often feel as though they could have been in existence for many decades – of course in a classic, not dated, way.

European Modern Kitchen Cabinet

When you are deciding whether or not you would like a modern design or a traditional design, here are a few things you may want to consider:

  • How long are you planning on living in the home? If you are remodeling the kitchen for the purpose of enhancing the sale value of the home, a modern kitchen may be a very good way to go. Many prospective homeowners – particularly first-time homeowners – want the best and most modern appliances and appearances in the kitchen. Conversely, if you’re planning to stay in the home for another 10-15 years and then you want to sell it, a traditional design may retain its relevance better for those future buyers.
  • What is your personal style? Some people would hate a contemporary style, while others would recoil at the detailed appearance of a traditional design. Have a look at our luxury kitchen portfolio to learn more about what style of kitchen you like. It’s important to know what type of style you want in your home since the kitchen is a very important place in the house.
  • What is the style of the rest of the home? Plopping an ultra-modern kitchen in an otherwise traditionally designed home will lead to an incongruence throughout the home. This can affect whether or not someone will buy the house, as many would-be home buyers want a cohesive home that feels like it is one sturdy unit.
  • What will serve you the best? How is the kitchen used? Some entertain a lot, while others never cook. Know how much foot traffic goes through the room, how much the room is used and what it’s used for, and how each design might complement those uses or negate them.


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