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Many people who are hiring a luxury kitchen designer are doing so for the first time. Although you need to interview kitchen designers in order to vet which one you should work with, it can be hard to know what to ask when you don’t have experience working with a kitchen designer before. If you’re preparing to interview kitchen designers for a big job at your home, follow these easy tips in order to have a successful conversation with your prospective designers.

Cesar Elite Traditional Kitchen CabinetsMay I review samples of your work?

This should be one of the first questions you ask. Any designer that’s worth his or her salt will have a beautiful portfolio at the ready. You’ll want to get a sense of the designer’s range when it comes to style. Does he or she only design modern kitchens, when what you want is a traditional kitchen? You need to make sure that the designer’s work is impressive and that it’s in line with what you’d like to see for your own kitchen. A wide range of work will show that the designer is capable of adapting to client requests and that you’ll be able to let him or her know exactly what you want.

How involved are you in the design industry? How do you stay up to date with what’s out there? New innovations are constantly coming forward, and you want someone who is on the cutting edge. If your kitchen designer does nothing but stay in the office and try to find new clients, he or she might not know what’s out there for you. Designers who regularly attend workshops and trade shows and who are up on the latest products and trends in the design world are much more desirable than those who do not stay current.

Cesar Elite Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

How many years have you been designing?

It’s a good idea to have a sense of how long your designer has been working in the industry. Age isn’t always a proper indicator! You could find a middle-aged designer who was a chef until a year ago. Understand the designer’s level of experience and all of the certifications that he or she holds. We recommend preparing a list of designer questions during your first kitchen consultation.

How many design plans will you present me with?
You may not realize this is if it’s your first time going in: you want your designer to show you three plans or so, not just one or two. Although one decisive plan might seem best, it hints at a lack of flexibility when it comes to the overall design. You want someone who is open to your ideas and who is fluid in their ideas and solutions for the project.

How flexible are you?

You have a busy life and work schedule. Is the designer available to meet and plan with you at the times that you’re available to do so, or is he or she rigid in his or her availability? You want to work with someone who you’re going to be comfortable communicating with and who will establish a workflow that works for you. Keep this in mind!


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