Cesar Traditional Kitchens

Traditional style kitchens are characterized by an overall feeling of elegance and timelessness, often blending the natural beauty of wood with other earth-inspired elements including glass and stone. Traditional kitchens exude warmth by highlighting woodworking, natural tones, and intricate design features, such as etching, carving, and artistic elements. Traditional kitchen design is a foil to modern design, which works to eliminate lines. In traditional kitchen design, lines and other design elements are accentuated to bring emotive beauty and enduring style.

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Cesar Elite Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

Cesar traditional kitchen cabinets are handcrafted in Cesar’s studio in Northern Italy. At Cesar, traditional kitchen cabinets are designed produced, and checked for quality by Cesar’s in-house professionals. From design to finish, Cesar’s commitment to and passion for above-standard woodworking and kitchen pieces is embraced. By reliving beautiful kitchen cabinetry over the course of four decades, Cesar has earned a reputation for being the best in its class, including modern, traditional, and transitional kitchen design.

Cesar Elite Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

The star of the Cesar traditional kitchen cabinets line is the Elite kitchen model. In the Elite model, Cesar traditional kitchen cabinets  borrow elements distinct of the traditional kitchen including intricate lines, natural hues, warm glass displays, and sturdy, expertly crafted woodworking. As with all Cesar kitchen cabinets, the Elite model was ergonomically engineered to create he best possible working space for the modern chef, taking advantage of the today’s technologies while embracing the timeless elegance of traditional kitchen design.

Cesar Elite Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

In many homes, the kitchen is both a workspace and a gathering place — a place where family and friends come together in harmony to share conversation, laughs, and meals. Cesar’s Elite model embraces the duality of the kitchen by using traditional kitchen design elements to seamlessly integrate modern technologies in a way that embraces timelessness, creating a gathering space that exudes warmth and embraces togetherness.

Cesar traditional kitchen cabinetry utilize the best qualities of traditional kitchen design while offering immense flexility for personalization. The designers at Modiani Kitchens meet with each client to discuss their functionality needs and aesthetic desires for their new kitchen. The Elite model is available in a range of lacquer finishes including silk effect graphite lacquer, which creates a bold and dramatic effect, silk effect white lacquer, which enhances brightness in a space while expressing elegance, and silk effect butter lacquer, which creates warmth while offering an artistic, classic aesthetic.


“We love Modiani Kitchens! They were very knowledgeable and experienced in kitchen design. We were very pleased with their work.”

- Kathy, New Jersey