Cesar Modern Kitchens

For over fifty years, Cesar has been creating modern kitchen cabinetry in Pramaggiore, Northern Italy. With a dual eye on contemporary sophistication and advanced functionality, Cesar is a world leader and is an innovator in European kitchen design. Since Modiani was founded in 2010, our lead designers have worked with Cesar to create stunning modern kitchens using Cesar modern kitchen cabinetry. The designers at Modiani and Cesar share a passion for high-end kitchen materials, attention to detail, and attention to ergonomic design.

Cesar’s dedication to above-standard kitchen cabinetry goes beyond aesthetics. Since its inception in the 1960’s in Italy, Cesar has been dedicated to defining the latest trends in kitchen ergonomics through a deep study of consumer needs. Cesar modern kitchen cabinets are designed in-house by experts who have a dual eye for design and function. Cesar is always working to create the most functional, most innovative, most intuitive solutions for the kitchen space.

Cesar Unit Kitchen Cabinets

Cesar modern kitchen cabinetry  is constructed with high-end woods, wood finishes, gloss and embossed lacquered finishes, glass, metal, and laminates. Superior quality materials and an attention to design promote longevity. Cesar modern kitchen cabinetry  models are scratch resistant and water repellant and have rounded edges to protect against damage from impact. Cesar sinks are designed to protect against water leaks. The experts at Cesar work closely with Modiani to customize Cesar products for Modiani clients. From depth, width and height of cabinets to finishes, materials, and colors, Cesar cabinets are custom manufactured to meet the tastes and needs of Modiani clients. Each piece is made to order in Cesar’s historical factory by an in-house team that analyzes design, measurements, construction, and quality.

Cesar Unit Kitchen Cabinets

Modiani is the exclusive New Jersey dealer of Cesar modern kitchens. Cesar’s workmanship is unprecedented in the kitchen cabinet industry, which is one of the reasons that Modiani Kitchens has always been drawn to Cesar for modern kitchen cabinetry. Cesar’s pieces may be viewed in Modiani’s showroom in downtown Englewood, NJ, where designers are available to help you dream up the possibilities for your new kitchen space by discussing what Cesar modern kitchen cabinets  may be best for your space, what innovations may help your work flow, and which intuitive design will fit your family’s needs the most.

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“We love Modiani Kitchens! They were very knowledgeable and experienced in kitchen design. We were very pleased with their work.”

- Kathy, New Jersey