Cesar N_Elle Modern Kitchen
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Cesar N_Elle Kitchen Model

Our Cesar N_Elle kitchen model is one of our most innovative modern kitchen lines and custom made in Cesar Italy’s kitchen factory, for which Modiani Kitchens is the exclusive dealer across New Jersey. The name N_Elle stands for “New Elle” since our Cesar Elle kitchen model has existed for several years, but was recently relaunched with new features, kitchen cabinet finishes and design options. We are proud to be Cesar New Jersey’s kitchen showroom since the Cesar kitchen brand has a 50 year heritage and is well known for its innovative, award-winning kitchen models, materials and designs.

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Cesar N_Elle Kitchen Characteristics

Our Cesar N_Elle kitchen model and design consists of sharp, clean-cut lines and a very lightweight appeal achieved thanks to the 45 degree module edges of the kitchen cabinet doors, through which an easy, smooth and intuitive opening is possible while creating a seamless design at the same time. Its kitchen doors as designed by Cesar Italian Kitchens and exclusively distributed at Modiani Kitchens in NJ, are 2.2 cm thick. While its common feature is to open them through the 45 degree edges, optionally, they can also be opened using our range of Italian kitchen handles. The wall and tall units of this modern Italian custom kitchen model make it easy to mix and match this model with other Cesar kitchen models and shelving solutions. On request, we can also design your custom bathroom vanities in the same design and layout as this kitchen.

Kitchen NJ In Natural Wood

N_Elle Kitchen Cabinet Finish Options

Our Cesar N_Elle kitchen model is available in a range of kitchen cabinet finish and material options. Our most recent and very trending kitchen cabinet finishes for our Cesar N_Elle modern kitchen are Rovere natural wood, gray Saint Laurent marble and Fenix Pietra laminate. These three kitchen materials were specifically created for the relaunch of this award-winning kitchen model, and have their unique characteristics and features all on their own. If you are looking for a very high-end yet functional kitchen, our marble kitchen may work for you, which comes in a so-called leather finish that doesn’t just make the kitchen’s surface smooth, but also very durable and cooking friendly. If you like light tones in your custom kitchen, try out the very light textured natural wood finish, which can be combined with other finishes or simply used on its own. This is the same for the premium laminate finish, which can optionally include an integrated thin kitchen table for design purposes.


“We just completed our kitchen renovation and
the outcome is absolutely stunning!”

Dmitri B. - August 2019