Cesar Ariel Modern Kitchen
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Cesar Ariel Kitchen Model

Our Cesar Ariel modern kitchen line is a versatile and extrovert modern kitchen system that is designed by the Italian kitchen manufacturer and brand Cesar.  Our Modiani kitchen showroom in Englewood, NJ has the chance to exclusively offer and distribute this kitchen model in NJ, and our team of kitchen designers is happy to assist you with the custom kitchen designs on-site, so we can make sure that our Cesar Ariel kitchen line seamlessly integrates into your home and interior space.

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Cesar Ariel Characteristics

Our award-winning Ariel modern kitchen model by Cesar interprets the contemporary kitchen in a spontaneous and efficient way, while allowing for multiple customization options. This kitchen model can be characterized by its young minimalist collection, featuring moderate-sized kitchen and design modules while giving you the opportunity to choose kitchen cabinet finishes and fronts that harmoniously match the kitchen cabinet doors and related design elements. It can be characterized by sleek lines, minimalistic design and a variety of kitchen cabinet material and finish options, ranging from white classic lacquer, to melamine, wood, and ideally incorporates a couple of different kitchen cabinet finishes within the same kitchen project. It hence doesn’t shy away from kitchen cabinet color contrasts, whether you choose some brave or classic kitchen cabinet finish combinations and tones.

Cesar Ariel High-End Cabinets

Modern Kitchen Design Options

It depends totally and uniquely on you, and your ideas and wishes of your dream kitchen how it will then look like. Depending on how big your kitchen space is, we can play with different design elements and layouts, ranging from U-shaped, to L-shaped or galley style kitchen layouts. The bigger your interior space, the more we will encourage you to also consider free standing kitchen design elements and pieces, like a modern kitchen island that is not attached to any wall. Our team of kitchen designers will also analyze the natural light within your kitchen space, and will create a kitchen design that enhances your natural light while including direct and indirect kitchen lighting options wherever beneficial. This could include undercabinet lighting, lighting spots from the ceiling or different shades of light, depending for which atmosphere and style you are looking in your modern kitchen.


“We just completed our kitchen renovation and
the outcome is absolutely stunning!”

Dmitri B. - August 2019