Thursday, September 13, 2018, 5.30pm

Thanks for joining our Dinner Party with a Private Chef and Live Music by the String Ensemble Jazz Trio. The party was hosted at our Modiani Kitchen Showroom in Englewood, NJ in collaboration with Caesarstone. This exclusive event was for architects/designers, our precious customers and people interested in designer kitchens. Attendees could enjoy the beautiful ambience of our kitchen showroom and learn more about our high-end Italian kitchen models.

This was also a good occasion to meet our Modiani kitchen designers, who have over 20 years’ experience designing kitchens. As a highlight of the event, we launched our new heat-treated oak kitchen Cesar Maxima 2.2, as exhibited at AD Design Show 2018. This unique kitchen could be admired throughout the night filled with amazing food, a cooking demonstration, a wine tasting and classical live music provided my one of the leading trios in the US.

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