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For most families and households in NJ, the kitchen space is one of the most important parts of their home. It is where meals are being served, where the family gathers before and after school/work, and it is often also where the children’s homework is being done. With so many roles to play, it is no wonder that the kitchen is one of the most focused upon rooms in any home. When it comes to home renovation, a custom kitchen is often the first area that a family will decide to remodel or update. A new kitchen can add a lot to the quality of life within a home, and it can also add value to the property value overall in case you are planning to move homes anytime in the not too distant future.

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So, what should you consider before starting the kitchen redesign for your NJ home? Below are some tips.

Kitchen Project Scope

Be realistic about your expectations with regards to your kitchen renovation project. Do you want to redesign your kitchen cabinets, or are you hoping to renovate the entire interior space? Depending on how intensive the project is you want to take on, the cost, time, and impact to your home may be very different. It is important that you understand the impact the kitchen design project will have on your life prior to getting started with it since without having a clear vision of what you would like to get done, you probably won’t be able to do so.

Advantages of a Kitchen Designer

Many people start out assuming they will do work within the home themselves, but then once they really think about how much they want to have done, they realize that it is much more realistic to work with a professional kitchen designer who specializes in the custom design of kitchen cabinetry.  Evaluate what you want to have done and feel free to do a brainstorming before bringing in a professional kitchen designer, like Modiani Kitchens.

Cesar Elle Italian Kitchen Design

Kitchen Redesign Decisions

When considering a kitchen update, there are many decisions to be made. What style do you want your cabinets in, do you prefer modern looking kitchen cabinets or a more traditional style kitchen? Do you want a new kitchen and countertop layout, or are you happy with the current one? How much money and time do you want to invest in your kitchen remodel project? Our kitchen design team is happy to assist you with your kitchen redesign project if you are looking to renovate your whole kitchen, which generally has a huge impact on your kitchen space and overall interior design.

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What is the extent of the renovation?

The truth is, renovating any area of the home including the kitchen can be a fairly big undertaking. Be sure that you are prepared in terms of the total cost of your kitchen renovation and the time frame of your kitchen design process, which usually takes a couple of months from the initial meeting with a kitchen designer to the order, delivery and installation of your custom kitchen? A kitchen remodel can be very worth it by way of improving your use of the room and adding value to the home, but you really need to be clear with yourself about what is possible for you. Here is where we at Modiani Kitchens come in – feel free to contact us anytime regarding your custom kitchen redesign project.


“We just completed our kitchen renovation and
the outcome is absolutely stunning!”

Dmitri B. - August 2019