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It may surprise many that in some cases, smaller kitchens can almost be more efficient than larger ones. The key to efficiency in the luxury kitchen is ergonomics. The chef needs to have ready access to a workspace, the sink, the refrigerator, and the stovetop. In a kitchen that has a lot of square footage but has everything situated along the perimeter of the room, efficient moving between the important spots of the kitchen may be a challenge.

Large kitchens pose a problem. Sure, there’s a lot of space, but is it being used? One solution that is very popularly introduced into the large kitchen space is the kitchen island. A kitchen island is a multifunctional addition to the kitchen. Its many purposes include:

A Prep Space

A modern or traditional kitchen island is essentially additional counter space in the kitchen, which is music to the serious chef’s ears. Islands provide a great flat space for food prep. Kitchen islands are often deeper than kitchen counters themselves, meaning that the chef has a wide, great space to use for his or her prep.

A Cooking Space

Many modern luxury kitchen designers work a range top into the island itself, giving the chef either an additional cook space (if another range top exists along the perimeter of the kitchen) or at the very least, a cooking space that is central to the room. A range top in the island is a favorite for serious cooks since it allows ready access to all of the other important parts of the kitchen.

A Breakfast Bar

Many families have a formal dining table for big dinners but prefer somewhere small and easy to eat quick meals such as breakfast or lunch. The island, when coupled with some tall stools, is a perfect place to sit and have a cup of coffee, eat breakfast, or have a sandwich. Many families see this is as one of the biggest benefits to having a traditional or modern island in the kitchen.

A Work Space

As computers get smaller and telecommuting becomes more popular, more and more people are working from home – either full time or from time to time. The island is a perfect area to catch up on some work or to let the kids do their homework. For many families, the kitchen is the epicenter of the home where everyone gathers, particularly at the end of the work and school day. The kitchen island gives family members a place to be in the presence of one another while still getting their work done.

Additional Storage

Cabinet space is important real estate in the kitchen. The island provides an opportunity for additional cabinet space, which can be installed beneath the countertop area itself. If there is a stove top range on the island, the island storage may be the perfect place to keep pots and pans, since they’ll be used the most right there on the island. Other ideas include storing small appliances that aren’t used all the time, such as the toaster or the mixer, beneath the island so that they are out of the way


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