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Kitchen remodeling or updating is one of the most common – and effective – ways to breathe some new life into a home. The most common forms of kitchen updating are replacing, resurfacing, or refinishing the luxury kitchen cabinets, and replacing or updating the countertops. For most homeowners, either of these projects will require bringing in contractors to get the job done. However, if you haven’t worked with contractors in a while or if this will be your first time hiring contractors, it’s a good idea to brush up on the do’s and don’ts of the process.

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Do: Ask Questions Upfront

Many people think that simply refinishing cabinets shouldn’t cause much of a hiccup in their daily life, and often, it won’t. However, depending on the type of job and the work that’s required, your contractors may need to use noxious chemicals and loud tools, and there may be a lot of banging. Before you jump head first into a kitchen remodeling project, talk candidly with your contractor and ask him or her to explain what you should expect. If there are going to be days where bad smells and loud noises are going to be created, you may want to plan to be out of the house on those days. Understanding what’s ahead will help you best plan for how to act during the remodel.

Don’t: Assume Your Contractor Can Read Your Mind

Communication is key in any scenario where one person is completing work for another. When it comes to your home, chances are that you have a very specific vision for what you’d like to see and that you’re very emotionally attached to a positive outcome with the project. Communicating openly with your contractor about what you hope to see as an outcome will help him or her to best achieve results that are in line with your vision.

Do: Be Hospitable

Yes, your contractor works for you. But as someone who has been invited into your home and is responsible for the positive changes you’d like to see happen in your home, although you’re paying your contractor, you should in some ways treat him or her like a bit of a guest. After all, he or she is a guest in your home. Letting him or her know where the bathroom is and providing soft drinks or snacks for your contractor is a nice way to say that you appreciate the hard work that he or she is doing.

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Don’t: Be Too Stringent

Your contractor will be, hopefully, a true professional who arrives with his or her own tools and who is very self-sufficient. However, if your contractor needs something simple — a sludge hammer, a washcloth, a drop cloth for the furniture — be open and willing to help when you can. Being difficult will just cause stress between you and your contractor, and it’s unnecessary.

Do: Be Prepared to Accommodate the Work

Our kitchen remodels in NJ don’t take over your entire home, but they do take over a part of your home. Before your project begins, understand that you may need to acclimate and not use the kitchen when you would typically use it while construction is happening.


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Dmitri B. - August 2019