A complete kitchen renovation not only encompasses cabinets, flooring, wallpaper, paint and even the addition of a window or skylight but also purchasing the right appliances for your new kitchen. Unless you know exactly how your kitchen is going to look after the project is completed, professional home remodelers suggest to collaborate with a kitchen designer to ensure the right appliance decisions are being made. Kitchen appliances not only represent a big financial investment but also an investment in the appearance and comfort provided by your kitchen. Choosing the right appliances for your lifestyle and kitchen design, will also significantly determine the functionality of your kitchen, which is why our team of kitchen designers at Modiani Kitchens in Englewood, NJ are here to assist you with this crucial decision. Enjoy reading through our tips and advice with regards to all kitchen appliances for your new kitchen design.

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Refrigerators In NJ

Most of our clients in New Jersey base their choice of kitchen appliances on their refrigerator brand. This is where most of the food is being stored and the appliance that is probably most commonly used in US households. When making a choice, consider the kind of refrigerator that can best suit your own and/or family’s food needs as well as your custom kitchen space. While larger households may need double-door refrigerators with extra freezer space, smaller families may only need a small refrigerator. In fact, the smaller the refrigerator with which you can get by, the easier it will be on your monthly energy bills. There is a huge variety of refrigerators to choose from, like refrigerators with the freezers on the top or the bottom; refrigerators with opposite-opening French doors; refrigerators with ice makers and water filter dispensers and those containing adjusting shelving equipped with upraised, spill-proof edges. Pricier refrigerators include those with temperature-controlled crispers for keeping fresh vegetable and fruits; refrigerators with digital controls instead of the traditional dials located inside them and dual freezers to separate strong-smelling foods like salmon from foods that absorb odors such as ice cream and butter. Additionally, think about how much fresh and frozen foods you buy every week, as well as if options like ice makers and filter water dispensers would be worth getting in a refrigerator before making a final choice.

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Stoves / Ovens in NJ

To streamline your kitchen in NJ and save space, insert a cooktop range into your kitchen countertop along with an attractive kitchen backsplash. Other types of stoves and ovens include wall ovens, freestanding ranges, gas-powered stoves that offer versatile heating options and electric ranges with varieties of heating coils. Convection ovens are great to use if you don’t have much time to prepare meals since fans are used for heat circulation that results in faster cooking times. For people who love to spend time in the kitchen, electric double ovens provide two ovens in which to cook food simultaneously. Make sure your kitchen has enough space to incorporate one of these ovens or hire a kitchen design company, like Modiani Kitchens, to remodel your kitchen to accommodate larger baking appliances.

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Dishwashers in NJ

Most of our clients in NJ would choose one or even two dishwashers for their custom kitchen space. They would mostly use the same brand as for their refrigerators or ovens to create a coherent design. After lunch or dinner in your New Jersey kitchen, just load the dishwasher and let this nifty kitchen appliance take care of cleaning your dishes. Built-in dishwashers are the most convenient type of dishwasher since this kitchen appliance’s plumbing is hooked into your kitchen sink plumbing and allows you to use the sink while the dishwasher is running. Also, consider the capacity of the dishwasher. For up to a three-person household, an 18-inch dishwasher is able to handle six place settings while a standard 24-inch dishwasher will hold around 12 place settings.

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Microwaves in NJ

Most American and Italian high-end kitchens in NJ have at least one microwave oven that is freestanding or built into one of the kitchen walls. In addition to reheating and defrosting, you can obtain microwaves that crisp and grill food as well. Although white or off-white kitchen appliances are still popular, stainless steel is trending this year, along with warming drawers and kitchen appliances that are concealed in the design of the kitchen. Traditional and contemporary kitchen islands containing sunken cooktops represent another fashionable kitchen design that facilitates cooking and hides messes from guests.

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Kitchen Appliance Considerations

Before you invest in your new kitchen appliances, also consider the following: Does the price fit into your budget? Remember that you have just invested a bundle into your new high-end kitchen, so be careful about straining your finances. Double-check the appliances’ dimensions and compare them to the space you have reserved for them. One of the most frequent mistakes involved in filling a remodeled kitchen with new appliances is the failure of the homeowners to fully investigate available room in their kitchen. If you haven’t bought any new kitchen appliances in a while, you might be surprised at the variety of appliances from which you can choose. Also, make sure you are purchasing energy-saving appliances that can help you pay off your remodeling bill. Since kitchen appliances are responsible for consuming nearly one-fifth of your monthly energy usage, installing certified Energy Star appliances in your newly renovated kitchen means you will be slashing your energy costs with a fridge using the most modern compressors and effective insulation material available.

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Complimentary Kitchen Appliance Consultation

For more information about choosing the right kind of appliances for your new kitchen, talk to a professional kitchen designer, like Modiani Kitchens, who is experienced in creating functional, attractive and satisfying kitchens for any type of home or apartment in NJ and the wider tri-state area. While we specialize in kitchen cabinetry, we can also give you advise and assist you with the right choice of kitchen appliances. Contact us for a complimentary kitchen consultation or simply walk into our kitchen showroom in Englewood, NJ during our hours of operation.


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