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Modern kitchen style trends change just as quickly as trends in the fashion world. Currently, high-end kitchen designers and showrooms are reporting a definite eagerness for light to medium veneers and finishes over the once popular, darker colors that dominated the in-vogue kitchen. Instead of cherry wood, remodelers are seeing a preference for birch, walnut and even bamboo for people interested in creating an eco-friendly kitchen.

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Other hot trends in modern high-end kitchen design include:

  • Countertops gleaming with black, faux-leather finishes highlighted by glossy white cabinets and stainless steel appliances
  • Renewed popularity in polished chrome and painted kitchen islands
  • White tiles, brick, wallpaper or glass as backsplash options
  • Choosing gray or green shades as a neutral color scheme instead of traditional off-white or white
  • Wallpapering the inside of cupboards and the exterior of kitchen islands for a fresh, funky look
  • Pull-out faucets instead of sinks with pull-out side sprays
  • Using LED lights, chandeliers, pendant lamps and torchieres as stylish and efficient kitchen illumination
  • Cherry or maple cabinets with furniture-like aspects such as bun feet and moldings
  • Stainless steel and cast iron undermounted sinks for a smootunder-mountedearance
  • Implementing convection ovens and warming drawers for a European-style functionality
  • Antique, glazed and distressed finishes for wood cupboards and kitchen islands

kitchen design

According to major kitchen designers, the modern high-end kitchen continues to expand and develop in complexity, leaning more towards “mixed orders” than one distinct design. Baking centers, intricate kitchen islands, wet bars and even butler’s pantries are finding their way into trending kitchen architecture.

Light and spacious interiors represent another strong trend regarding Italian luxury kitchen cabinet design. The emphasis is on visual consistency emerging from simple lines incorporated in cabinetry made from white oak wood that reveals horizontal grains on drawers and doors. Cabinetry surrounding the stove as well as wooden sections of a kitchen island also features this type of seamless vertical graining. In addition, plaster walls created from milestone and satiny, whitewashed floors bring a mirror-like quality to one of these fashionable kitchens enhancing an airy, diaphanous quality.

Alternative materials for making countertops are trending early in 2018 as well. Instead of traditional granite, renovated kitchens are incorporating countertops made from limestone, basalt, glass and marble that is then sealed with new types of powerful solutions that adds to the durability and sleekness of these countertops.


“We just completed our kitchen renovation and
the outcome is absolutely stunning!”

Dmitri B. - August 2019