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Thanks for visiting our Portfolio Video Section! Here you can see some of our most beautiful kitchen projects from the past 10 years, which you can also find in our kitchen portfolio image gallery. Watch these videos to get an idea of our experience, kitchen design work, as well as of your desired kitchen cabinet style and layout. This first video is a summary of some of our most popular kitchen videos.

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This video is about a modern kitchen project in Bridgehampton, Long Island, NY. The kitchen cabinets have a very clean, simplistic design in white high gloss lacquer, which works well with the modern style of this very trendy, modern house in the Hamptons.

The below video is about a modern kitchen in Scarsdale, NY. The client chose white gloss lacquer and walnut wood as kitchen finishes. The kitchen was designed by our kitchen designer and Modiani co-owner Kobi Aharon. We are not surprised that this kitchen was featured in NY Cottages & Garden Magazine in 2018.

The following video is about a modern kitchen we designed in Midtown West, Manhattan, NYC. The client chose a Cesar Maxima 2.2 kitchen model in white silk lacquer, and a kitchen island in L-Shape and seating options.

This traditional kitchen in Demarest, NJ was designed by our kitchen designers Bernard Kim and Kobi Aharon. The kitchen model chosen was a traditional Italian Cesar Elite kitchen in white lacquer with silver trim. We would like to thank M&B contracting, with whom we collaborated on this project.

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Jae K. - March 2019