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In recent years, the green movement has grown like never before. Our Italian partner company Cesar has reacted to this movement and puts a very high focus on green kitchen cabinets. Though they were at one time very expensive and difficult to find, as green practices become more popular and more ubiquitous, it’s becoming more and more possible to infuse the home with green products that will lessen your impact on the environment. Every room has its own host of possibilities when it comes to green living. In this article, we’ll focus on how you can go green in the kitchen as well as the benefits of doing so in the areas of appliances and materials used in the kitchen space.

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Going green in the luxury kitchen is largely about the products you choose to use in your kitchen space. With the kitchen perhaps more than any other room, this means a heavy focus on the types of major appliances you purchase. The Environmental Protection Agency has defined standards for energy-efficient appliances. If an appliance complies with the EPA’s standards for energy efficiency, it is given an Energy Star certification. Energy Star appliances use anywhere from ten to fifty percent less energy and water than non-Energy Star appliances. This means a huge savings month to month in your energy and water bills as well as a positive impact on the environment.

Another way to embrace green practices in your traditional or modern luxury kitchen is to use environmentally safe paints and wood preservatives. Paints and wood preservatives that are not created to be environmentally safe can, in addition to negatively impacting the environment, actually have negative effects on your health. Due to the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such substances can irritate the eyes, nose, and throat and in some cases might even cause cancer. Since environmentally safe paints are free of VOCs, they are without these risks.

modern kitchen remodel

If you are considering going green for your new custom luxury kitchen, you may also want to embrace environmentally friendly surface products such as flooring and countertops. For example, bamboo is considered a very environmentally friendly product to put to use in the kitchen. Bamboo grows very quickly and is abundant. Therefore, the impact of sourcing it for flooring and other uses within the home is not considered to have a heavy impact on the environment. For this reason, bamboo has become a very popular material in the kitchen, particularly in flooring. The embrace of other natural materials such as stone or wood is considered green as well. Synthetically manufactured products such as vinyl and plastics are created using chemicals, which can affect the environment negatively.

When considering how to integrate green practices and appliances into your kitchen, ask our high-end kitchen designers or take a look at what you have now and formulate a plan for how you can go green wisely. The next time that you need to purchase a major appliance, for example, replace your existing appliance with one that has an Energy Star rating. You don’t need to go completely green all at once to begin positively impacting the environment by lessening your impact upon it


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