Modern Kitchen Redesign


When it comes to home improvement and remodeling projects, no room is more commonly worked on than the kitchen. As homeowners know, their new luxury kitchen has an important place not only in the day-to-day life of the family but also for entertaining. Therefore, a beautiful and functional kitchen is important to current and prospective homeowners alike.

Over the years, trends in kitchen remodeling have grown and advanced. Many high-end kitchen designers and homeowners are now drawn toward a textured look across the kitchen space, blending modern fixtures and personalized styles. Below is some information on specific trends within different areas of the kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Redesign

Kitchen Appliances

Appliances are undoubtedly one of the most important features in the kitchen, as they lend the kitchen most of its functionality. In addition to common appliances such as a stovetop and oven, many modern kitchens now also include a range hood placed either on the wall or over an island. Recent trends have also shown evolution in refrigeration units, too, with many families installing refrigerator and freezer drawers beneath cabinetry.

Kitchen Countertops

Countertops have shown evolution in recent years, with marble, soapstone, and travertine becoming most common over the old kitchen countertop standby, granite. Though they require more maintenance by way of sealing and cleaning, these new favorites have distinct coloring and toning that homeowners are very drawn to as of late. Wood countertops made of materials such as ironwood and rich walnut are also gaining steam, as you can see in our high-end kitchen portfolio.

Kitchen Flooring Options

As wood has shown a growing popularity in countertops it has also re-emerged in flooring options for the kitchen. There was a time in the recent past when wood flooring in the kitchen was nearly unheard of, as water and moisture were easily trapped beneath planks, causing long-term problems. However, the types of hardwoods being used for American and Italian kitchen cabinets today are sealed to perfection and therefore trapped moisture is no longer an issue. With new flooring solutions with bamboo and cork, kitchens are getting really interesting looks. Of course, tile remains a common kitchen flooring solution, but that too has evolved. Tile flooring now includes an option for in-tile heat, which radiates and keeps the floor from getting too cold.

Kitchen Cabinetry

Cabinetry is seen as one of the most defining characteristics in a kitchen because it takes up most of the physical and visual space within the room. In recent years, natural wood cabinetry has seen a decline in popularity, where darker finishes – even black – have seen an increase. Meanwhile, accessories for modern, traditional and transitional kitchen cabinets have also changed. Hardware has been minimized or gotten rid of all together. The lazy susan, a longtime favorite in kitchen cabinets, has gone by the wayside. In its place, storage racks that have been engineered to be as functional as possible now retract behind cabinets.

Kitchen Lighting

Last but certainly not least, lighting, which sets the tone in the kitchen, is becoming more and more artful. Just as targeted lighting is installed in most workplaces, it has also replaced washed out overhead lighting in many kitchens, which is, after all, a workspace. Lighting inside of cabinets is also gaining popularity because, like the light in the refrigerator, it gives visual access to all of the items being stored inside.


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